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Cuba Libre. Or Maybe A Mojito.

Margaret lets Cliff into C.J.'s office, where he talks about how awful his meeting with Framhagen was. C.J. asks what the Senator wanted, and Cliff tells her that he doesn't really know, but that it seemed to have to do with Castro and rumors about his health: "I gather he was wondering if the White House was behind it, or part of it, or up to something." Cliff tells C.J. that Framhagen suggested that he speak to Kate, and C.J. thinks that makes sense in light of the fact that she's the Deputy National Security Adviser. But Cliff thinks it's more than that: "The Senator just sort of indicated, between refills, something other than that...more." You mean that part where he kind of implied that he had carnal knowledge of her? C.J. calls out for Margaret to get Kate, and then Cliff asks if C.J. is sending him back to the bench. She tells him, "This is disgraceful. I'm actually starting to like you." As Cliff leaves, Margaret enters and tells C.J. that Kate is gone for the day. Man, it must be nice to have a job where you can leave whenever you feel like it. Oh wait, I have one of those. Never mind.

Briefing room. Reporters are asking Toby all kinds of questions about Castro, and it's clear that he has no information to share with them. The only interesting piece of information to come out is that Bingo Bob is staking out a pro-embargo position. At one point, a reporter starts to ask a question about the fact that Cuba has taken the place of East Asia as the destination of choice for "pedophiles and sex tourists." Toby cuts him off, saying "No, I can't issue you a visa." Heh. Most of the questions start to be about positions being taken by candidates, and Toby tells them that he's not there to discuss the campaign. We leave the briefing as a reporter starts to ask a question about Framhagen.

Kate walks into a bar. I wish I could say that was the start of a joke, but it's not. Except to the extent that this entire episode is a joke. She sees a man sitting at a table against the wall and walks up to him. He stands up and says, with an indeterminate Latin-American accent, "She's a blonde now." She tells him that she wasn't going to come, and he wonders if she would really "stand up a former CIA compatriot, after all these years." Dude, way to maintain your cover. He starts to reminisce about their days of "splendor in the grass," and she cuts him off: "What do you want, Andy?" He tells her that they are no longer running "off the reservation ops," and there's "no more messing with elections." But, he tells her, their assignment is still the same. He goes on to warn her that it would be a mistake for the White House to try anything with Cuba. She asks him what he's talking about, and he tells her about Leo's trip to see Uncle Fidel. She denies any knowledge of the trip, and he thinks she's just maintaining cover. And then she says, "Oakland, northern California, northern California, Oakland. It's Little Saigon."

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