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Cuba Libre. Or Maybe A Mojito.

C.J. enters her office, where Cliff and Toby are waiting for her. She asks for an update. Cliff thinks that the rumors about Castro's health provide some kind of cover for continued denial of Leo's meeting. In the event that fails, he thinks they can rely on the support that exists in the House for eliminating or softening the embargo. Toby sees some nutjob Congressman from Florida on C.J.'s television, introducing Bingo Bob at a rally. Apparently, the guy is a convicted felon whose only campaign issue is to be tough on Cuba. C.J. asks Toby to call Josh and Donna "to take the temperature in the campaigns." Toby leaves to make the calls.

Charlie is back in the Mural Room, meeting with a couple of other bug people. They ask him if the exterminator has already been there. They flash a bunch of photos of different bugs at Charlie. It turns out that they are entomologists, and their main goal is not to kill bugs but to study them. They think the bugs eating the White House can shed some light on the history of the building. One of them refers to "Abigail Adams and the War of 1812." Oddly enough, Charlie does not correct them by pointing out that Dolly Madison was actually the First Lady when the White House was burnt during that war. Man, I could really go for a snack cake right about now. These guys are supposed to be "funny" and "quirky," but they just make me miss Gil Grissom. At the end of their speech, Charlie laughs, but nobody else is laughing. And I mean nobody. Again, I don't want to spoil you, but you will not want to miss Charlie's storyline in two weeks, when he'll help reseal the White House driveway.

And now we arrive at the only good scene of the episode. Margaret, wearing a long purple and pink overcoat with purple gloves, strides down the corridor with a briefcase in her hand. She marches into C.J.'s office, and when C.J. asks if she "got it," Margaret says, "They checked my clothes, patted me down, searched my shoes -- my best shoes -- practically x-rayed me." C.J. points out that they didn't subject her to a personality profile, and Margaret looks grim as she says, "That didn't even occur to me." I would much rather see the adventures of Margaret the spy than I would Kate. With a loud click, Margaret opens the briefcase and hands Kate's personnel file to C.J. Margaret closes the door on the way out. C.J. starts looking through the file, and finds that virtually every page contains some blacked-out information, and that sometimes entire pages are blacked out. Cut to a camera outside C.J.'s window -- so now Kate's the spy who came in from the cold? Whatever. Commercials.

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