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Cuba Libre. Or Maybe A Mojito.

C.J. continues to read Kate's file as mysterious spy music plays. Charlie enters her office. Again, I'm impressed with how well they protect top-secret documents. Charlie is there to tell C.J. about the two options for dealing with the termites. Charlie actually seems interested in letting the entomologists study the bugs before killing them, but C.J. tells him to "just kill the damn bugs." Don't miss the season finale, when Charlie will help reshingle the roof.

Toby's on the phone with Donna. Of course, he has her on speakerphone, so he can help keep the whole Castro trip a secret. He's trying to find out what the campaigns are thinking about "the Castro thing," but there are so many people shouting around her that she can't hear him. So the conversation is basically "What? I can't hear you?" followed by "What did you say? Speak up?" Scintillating. In the middle of his call with Donna, Toby puts her on hold and switches over to Josh. Josh is at a rally for Santos and can also barely hear Toby. The first thing Toby says to Josh is, "We're not talking to each other." I know some people have taken this as a callback to the big fight they had a couple of weeks ago, but I think that's giving Mr. Sacret Young too much credit. I think Toby's just referring to the "top secret" nature of the phone call. Again, the basic tenor of the phone calls is, "What? Could you repeat that?" After a minute, Toby switches back to Donna and still can't hear her, and when he gets back to Josh, the connection has been lost.

Leo enters C.J.'s office and tells her that he needs to apologize for having kept her in the dark on the whole "secret talks with Castro" thing. C.J. tells him that he really does need to apologize, and then she tells him about Cliff's meeting with Framhagen, which led to C.J.'s examination of Kate's personnel file. Apparently, Kate got around. And not just in the "did she or did she not sleep with Will" sort of way. There are blacked-out pages in her file from when she was in Africa, Kosovo, and Iran. And apparently there's a reference to Leo in the file, from when Kate was in Florida in 1995. Everything is pretty much blacked out, and C.J. asks Leo to tell her what was going on then. He tells her that he was attending a meeting of veterans of the Bay of Pigs. Okay, so now Leo is a veteran of the Bay of Pigs? He tells her that it was a meeting of veterans from both sides, for the first time. Apparently, Leo thought that this meeting could turn into a precursor for talks with Cuba. He tells C.J. that there was also a recount under way for the nutjob member of Congress Toby was ranting about earlier. And then Leo claims to have been Secretary of Labor in 1995. Which...no. It's well-established that Bartlet was preceded by a Republican, whose term would have lasted from January 1995 until January 1999. Or, in the fucked-up brain of John Wells, from January 1994 until January 1998. In either case, Leo was not the Secretary of Labor in 1995. Leaving behind the tattered remnants of continuity, Framhagen showed up at this Bay of Pigs veterans meeting and he and Leo left the meeting and got drunk. And apparently, by the time Leo got back to the meeting, it had all fallen apart and hope for peace with Cuba was dashed. And that's when Leo took a vow that he would do something to make it all right again. Puh-leeese.

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