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Jed Learns to Have His Cake and Bomb It Too

Presidential kitchen. Abbey asks Jed, who is putting on his tie ["he has to wear a tie? He's at camp!" -- Wing Chun], whether they came to consensus. He tells her that the only point they agreed on was that Toby would "give half his salary for a piece of asphalt he could use to pummel the State Department." Charlie tells them that the Israelis just cleared the airspace. I hope you enjoyed these lines, Charlie. They may have to last you a few episodes.

Helicopter landing. Oh, I'm tired of that joke already. Jed and Abbey greet the Israeli PM, his wife, Ambassador Nechayev, and the Defense Minister.

Leo and General Locke are in the sit room, going over the final plans for the attack. Bombs will be dropping in nine minutes.

Back to Camp David. The Palestinians arrive in limos. Jed and Abbey greet the Palestinian PM and Chairman Farad.

Sit room. Leo gives the final go the General Locke, who orders bombing to commence. Locke tells Leo, "If you don't mind me saying so sir, I hope the President knows how lucky he is to have you."

Camp David conference room. Jed welcomes the attendees, who applaud.

Hospital. Josh is sitting next to Donna's bed. She wakes up and whispers his name several times. The look in his eyes is heartbreaking. Apparently, the sun has finally come up in Germany, because there is this gorgeous yellow light washing over one side of Donna's face. Considering how horrible she looks, she looks pretty great. Josh tells her that her mother is there, but that she went to get some food. We had better meet Donna's mother next week, is all I'm saying. Josh just leans over her and tells Donna that he's still there, and the camera slowly pulls back from them as he pulls her blanket up for her.

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