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Jed Learns to Have His Cake and Bomb It Too

The motorcade arrives at the site of Fitz's funeral, and everyone exits the car. Charlie gets one of his few lines this episode, but it's drowned out by the sound of sirens and helicopters. Duck! Kate tells Jed that she feels that her counsel has gotten them into the mess they are in. Why? Did she tell Farad to pretend there was a summit? But Jed explains to her that she gets lots of counsel, and that what he decides to do with it is his business. As Jed walks away, Leo stares daggers at Kate. And my God, but she's tall. Have we seen her standing next to C.J.?

The White House. C.J. and Carol engage in some classic, worthy-of-parody pedeconferencing. It feels like 1999 all over again. Carol is telling C.J. that the producers of 60 Minutes have one of the congressional widows on camera demanding that the President retaliate, and they want to know if the President will go on camera to respond. C.J.: "And what? Defend his tie-dyed hippy-dippy blowin' in the wind peacenik pipe dream while the grieving widow rends her garments?" Carol offers to try to get C.J. some time in the Office of O, but C.J. reminds her that Jed won't be back until after the funeral. Now Will is trailing along after C.J., telling her there is no way the Israeli government will sit down with Farad again. He points out that in the last negotiations, Israel offered Farad nearly everything he asked for and he still walked away from the deal. C.J.: "What do you want, Will?" Yes, what does he want? Will: "A president who's prepared to respond to the murder of two congressmen." Will points out that VPOTUS can't support POTUS if he does not respond to the attack, telling C.J. that the President "is going to have to bomb Palestinians."

Overhead shot of Fitz's coffin. The relatively small church is crowded, and Jed is at the podium, reading the Sermon on the Mount. Just as he reads "and blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God," we shoot to the opening credits.

And Mary McCormack (Kate) has been added to the credits. Her bangs, however, have not, and I can only hope that tonight's episode marks their last guest appearance.

Sit room. Hey, look, it's Terry O'Quinn as a general. I guess the Colonel got a promotion. General Locke is telling the room that there is no choice but to retaliate. Someone points out that while Nassam (the man responsible for the attack) is still in Gaza, he has been linked to a group ("the Martyrs" of mumble mumble) operating out of a camp in Syria. There seems to be strong evidence that the Martyrs provided the munitions and other support for the attack. General Locke proposes using cruise missiles to destroy the camp in Syria and two other camps in northern Iran. Kate points out that an attack would derail the summit, and pretty much everybody in the room -- other than Jed -- observes that the chances of there being a summit are pretty slim. But Jed has a different concern. He asks what evidence there is linking Iran to Nassam. One of the guys in the room -- let's call him, oh, I don't know, "Ronald Dumsfeld" -- says that if they take the opportunity to bomb the camps in Iran, they will find a way to link the attack in Gaza back to those camps. Jed: "Are you suggesting that we use the attack on our Congressional delegation as a pretext to attack another country we don't know to be responsible?" I know people thought this line was a little too on the spot, but with studies showing that a significant number of voters in the U.S. still don't understand that this is exactly what happened when the U.S. invaded Iraq, I don't mind someone yelling about it on my television. Jed proceeds to ream RD out for that idea, and as he leaves to meet with "the ambassador," he tells them he wants to see the evidence they have linking the attacks to Syria, "and if you come up with any credible verifiable evidence dragging Iran into this mess, I'll take a look at that too." And with a very vigorous coat flip, Jed storms out of the room.

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