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Jed Learns to Have His Cake and Bomb It Too

Cut to Leo watching C.J.'s performance on a monitor in his office. Toby comes in and asks how C.J. is doing. Leo: "Okay, considering she's human chum." Toby tells Leo that he spoke with Josh, and that Donna is back in surgery for a pulmonary embolism. Leo calls for Margaret -- who is working a great new hairdo -- and asks her to try to reach Josh. Leo and Toby talk about the congressional widow who will be appearing on 60 Minutes, and Leo shoots down Toby's idea of trying to get the other widow to make an appearance for their side. Toby wonders what the President is trying to do by organizing a summit: "He's already got a Nobel prize. What's he need a second one for? Bookends?" I think they'd make better coasters. Margaret reappears to tell them that the Speaker has arrived, and that he has brought "half of Congress" with him.

Conference room. I think Margaret needs some remedial math, because there are hardly 218 members of the Congress there. Leo greets several members by name, and tells the one Democrat present that he's "surprised to see [her] running with this crowd." She claims that it's not a partisan issue, and the Speaker tells Leo that they thought a show of unity was important. The Speaker asks Leo and Toby if they've been listening to the radio, and they both try to make with the funny. Leo: "I've been a little busy." Toby: "Oldies radio? Traffic reports?" But it's clear that the Speaker is referring to talk radio, which is apparently in a frenzy over the idea of a peace summit. Just then, Jed walks in, and asks the Speaker if "these [are] the same right-wing turkey basters who said that I faked MS to get the sympathy vote in the last election?" "Turkey basters"? Turkey basters? Where did that come from? That's certainly not a New Hampshire thing, and I don't think it's a generational thing. Maybe John Wells accidentally dipped into his box of "lesbian insults" from the Romano days. The Speaker -- and his Democratic colleague -- point out that members of Congress died, and that they don't believe that a peace summit is the appropriate way to honor their memories. The Speaker tells Jed, "You have to go on national television, admit your mistake, and retract those invitations. You've insulted those men and their memories. You have to put this summit back in the cereal box it came in." Wait, does the cereal box also come with a turkey baster? Is this cereal called "Nutty Crunchy Peaceful Lesbian-Os"? Because I think that would sell pretty well in my neighborhood. Jed tells Leo that he's not there to play games, and starts to walk out. At the door, he tells the Speaker, "I am trying to find a way to make peace. And when I do, you can go on TV and explain why you were against it." Well, Jed, that's a nice line, assuming that you are able to succeed where countless others have failed. I don't think anyone could ever accuse this President of lacking self-confidence.

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