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Jed Learns to Have His Cake and Bomb It Too

After everyone else leaves the Oval Office, Leo tells Jed that Congress is drafting a resolution demanding that military action be taken. He goes on to say that the Lincoln battle group will be in position to hit Gaza and Syria the next morning, and he recommends that Iran be included in the strikes. Jed is furious that General Locke went ahead with the planning, but Leo argues that they were only trying to anticipate Jed's orders, since he will obviously have to order some kind of military action. Leo tells Jed that everyone around him thinks that he is going the wrong way. Jed responds that killing Palestinians will not make Americans any safer, and will only lead to further cycles of terrorist attack and response. Most of all, Jed is concerned that the U.S. is being goaded into overreacting. At this point, Jed and Leo are really yelling at each other. Jed: "Tell me how this ends, Leo! You want me to start something that may have serious repercussions on American foreign policy for decades, but you don't know how it ends!" Leo: "We don't always know how it ends! The Lincoln will be in position in a few hours, and you are going to have to give the go-ahead for the bombings." There's a pause, and then Jed raises his head and asks "or what?" Leo looks like he's been punched in the gut. He tells Leo to let him know when Chairman Farad calls -- he's going to the residence.

The residence. Jed's sitting in a dark room, with just one light on, as Abbey enters the room. She sits in a chair on the opposite side of the room. They're both dressed for bed. They actually have a conversation in which he expresses some doubt, and she just listens, without pushing him one way or the other. This is definitely the most loving we've seen their relationship in a long time. He talks about how easy it would be to do what everyone wants. She asks him if easy is really what he wants. Jed: "I want Fitz to walk through my door tomorrow and give me a hard time about the Celtics." Abbey: "You think they got a chance this year?" Jed: "They still need a big man and a reliable point guard, but they might make a run for it." Abbey: "For a moment there, I was worried."

C.J. enters Toby's office and tosses him the last two packets of peanut butter crackers from the vending machine: "It was that or an old egg salad sandwich." We all know what that can lead to. Toby is experiencing peanut butter cracker lockjaw, and C.J. throws him a bottle of water, telling him he'll need it, or "maybe a fire hose." Toby: "Or the local reservoir." C.J. wonders "why can't I just sit on my patio, barbecue some chicken, and drink my Diet Dr Pepper in peace?" Wait, what kind of soda was that, C.J.? Diet Dr Pepper? Okay, just checking. She asks Toby if he ever looks around and thinks that if they are in charge, the country is in a hell of a lot of trouble. Toby: "Until I spend time with the other guys." Will sticks his head in and tells them that Farad is on the phone and the President is talking to him. Again, if you're wondering what Will is doing in the middle of all of this, just remember: chief resident.

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