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For some reason, the doorbell rings as Josh and Santos arrive at the front door, but they don't actually wait for anyone to let them in. Instead, they walk in, finding Ronna and Ned waiting for them by the front door. Ronna points the way to the room where folks have gathered. There are about fifteen people in the Hawkes' kitchen and dining room. Josh points out to Ronna that there are more people than they expected. She tells him that some of the neighbors came, "mostly because they think he's nuts. But they're curious. That ain't nothing." Josh agrees with her. Santos starts to speak to the assembled crowd, introducing himself as "that kamikaze candidate from Texas." He tells them that he didn't come all the way from Texas to tell them what they want to hear, and then he says, "I've faced some things in my life, my own family, that make me believe we need to rethink our whole education system, and if that's going to make things harder for me as a candidate, I'll just have to take it." Fade to black.

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