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Josh and Liz enter what I assume is Josh's office. It's still full of emergency boating equipment, and Josh tries to pass it off as somehow being related to some maritime event they have planned. Liz just recites the motto of Larraby's Life Savers to him: "'Lose your boat, they'll help you float.'" Josh opens the conversation by acknowledging the tough primary fight Doug is facing. Liz points out that just because he's a supporter of snowmobile clubs, that doesn't make him an anti-environmentalist: "We're giving an environmental speech next week. We can win back the Greens." Josh asks her if she's mad at him for having concerns about Doug's campaign. She's not, but.... "I'm mad at you for sharing those concerns to the D-triple-C and the White House Office of Political Affairs." She tells him that there is no way Santos is getting Doug's endorsement, and seems a little taken aback when Josh tells her that he has no interest in Doug's endorsement. He tells her, "You've been involved in New Hampshire primaries your whole life. You know why they matter, 'cause anyone has a shot here, 'cause the voters decide." He thinks Russell should not be given the nomination just because he's got the money and all the institutional support, and he points out that Bingo Bob has all those things because everyone assumes Jed is supporting him. Liz quickly points out that Jed is neutral, and Josh tells her that if Santos can just get a photo op with Doug, "it would be a psychic wink to your dad's supporters that this primary is wide open -- that the establishment hacks have to earn it. Isn't that how it should be? Isn't that how your dad got the nomination eight years ago?" Liz is moved by this speech. As she gets up to leave, she tells him, "The Fickle Pickle Diner in an hour-and-a-half." I think Santos's going to a diner named "The Fickle Pickle" is pretty much akin to Gary Hart's naming his boat The Monkey Business. The karma just doesn't seem good.

Josh walks down a sidewalk and runs into Ronna and Ned, who are watching Santos glad-hand a small crowd in front of the diner. They tell him that Doug hasn't arrived yet, and when Josh notes the increased press activity, they point out that the reporters are covering Doug, not Santos. Josh tells them that when they get back to HQ, they need to put out a statement on dwarf tossing. Apparently, the Town Selectman asked the campaign to speak out against a bar outside of town that puts dwarves in a harness and tosses them through hoops. Ned is frustrated that the campaign will release a statement about dwarf tossing before it releases one on Medicare. Josh tells him, "Ask a dwarf in a harness which matters more." Well, since the dwarf in the harness is probably a dwarf who chose to get into the harness in exchange for some money, he or she probably doesn't think it's a big problem. I'd be willing to bet that dwarves who aren't in harnesses have some pretty strong feelings on the subject, though.

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