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Josh walks away from Ronna and Ned and says hello to Brock. Josh asks him if they can make a deal on the "Houston thing," but Brock thinks it's too late, seeing as how "everybody's got it. Looks like you guys are 0-for-2 this afternoon." Josh looks at a piece of paper that Brock hands him and then asks what he means by "0-for-2." Apparently, a professor at the University of New Hampshire released details of the Santos education plan to the AP. Josh walks over to Santos just as he is freeing himself from the cluster of voters and reporters that surround him. Josh asks him why he would put out an education plan. Santos denies having done it, and Josh tells him that the UNH professor released it. Santos tells him, "I faxed a few ideas to a couple of people." Santos points out that it was Josh's idea to study the issue before making a speech, and Josh finally tells him that he can't give a speech: "It hasn't been scored, it hasn't been tested." Santos decodes those words for us: "You mean killed by a bunch of consultants." Josh looks down at the piece of paper Brock handed to him, and tells Santos that people are circulating an eight-year-old quote of Santos's: "You said that a New Hampshire primary shouldn't come first because, quote, 'the state's as diverse as a Mayflower reunion.'" Santos thinks that's a funny line, but Josh thinks the humor might be lost on the audience: "You've got a state full of Mayflower descendants laughing their heads off." Santos doesn't remember saying it, but when Josh asks if he can just deny it, Santos admits, "It sounds like me." Well, it sounds like me, too, but I know that I didn't say it. Santos thinks that the statement is true, but Josh doesn't care about the truth: "People here think this primary is their birthright." Santos doesn't think he can take back the statement, and just then Doug's motorcade arrives. (That is, if one car and one SUV equals a motorcade.) Josh tells Santos to get the photo op, and to avoid taking any questions.

Liz and Doug exit the SUV, and Matt intercepts them as they walk toward the diner. He introduces himself, and tells them what a huge admirer he is of their family. Doug tells him, "I can't say I agree with your assessment of our primary." Now it's Santos's turn to be taken aback, but Doug lets him know that he already has the quote. Santos wonders if Doug thinks the state is diverse. Doug: "Well, no one writes it, but New Hampshire is thirty percent Franco-American." Does that mean the other seventy percent is Chef Boyardee? Santos responds to this subtle distinction between brands of white people by saying, "It's funny that no one writes it." Santos leads the way into the diner.

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