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Cut to Leo on the phone trying to correct the New York Times crossword editor, to no avail. C.J. comes in, and they talk about Josh's predicament. C.J. wants to know how Leo thinks the Prez will react, to which Leo can only say that, after knowing the Prez for forty years, "on any given day, there's no predicting what he's going to care about." Cut to Sam in the hallway debating gun use statistics. His assistant comes up and tells him he's been strong-armed into giving Leo's daughter's fourth-grade class a tour of the White House, to make up for the fact that he accidentally hit on Leo's wife at a White House function. Sam pleads that he doesn't know anything about the White House, which is pretty funny since he's the Communications Director or something. Before we can ponder the irony of this any further, Sam's beeper goes off. He phones for the message, and reaches Cashmere Escort Agency, which is possibly the cheesiest name I've ever heard. Remember that foreshadowing I mentioned earlier? Ta-dah! Sam and the woman he slept with have gotten their pagers mixed up. Unbeknownst to him, the woman is a call girl, but apparently she gives it away to him for free on her nights off. You can't tell me that, in that situation, he's not gloating, "How good am I." Sam gets in touch with her to arrange a switch.

Leo and Reverend Caldwell are walking on the White House grounds. Leo's softening him up for the meeting, and he's doing a damn good job. I'm seriously impressed, and I'm remembering why I loved Jack so much on L.A. Law. Leo points out that the Prez spent eight months touring the U.S. counseling young women not to have abortions. The show adroitly has the Prez believe that abortion is a morality issue, not a legislative issue, which pretty neatly handles the question of how the show is going to deal with divisive issues. But then when you think about it, you have to wonder, "Um, aren't laws, like, kind of there to protect some morality issues?" Colour me curious to see where this kind of hedging takes the show on future issues.

Sam is at the call girl's apartment, commenting that her apartment "makes good use of space." Add this to his "water pressure" comment earlier and you have two opportunities to make vague, but filthy, jokes. I decline yet again. They agree that he can't see her, because of his job and what would happen to him if anyone found out. They both seem pretty sad about it, which is supposed to lead us to the conclusion that (a) Democrats are nice, and (b) hookers who sleep with Democrats are nice.

Has anyone but me noticed that you can see Rob Lowe's bottom teeth all the time when he's talking, but you rarely ever see his top teeth?

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