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Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

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Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

I just wanted to start by saying this: This isn't my job. This is Doppelganger's job. She's really busy. So am I, but nobody cares. They care even less that I haven't really done any writing in years. Now it's late, I'm tired and hungry, and I hate everybody. ["But we all love you, Larry. For real." -- Wing Chun]

That said...

Previously on The West Wing: The Prez rides a bike into a tree, thus presenting a mild crisis, which lets the characters establish themselves as concerned friends and counselors. Sam sleeps with a hooker -- sorry, call girl, and a bunch of right-wing Christians show just how stoopid they really are.

Cut to the streets of Washington. Mandy, the sassy young publicist who left a $900k p/a job to help some guy named Lloyd get elected President, tools down the street in her BMW convertible to the tunes of some grrl band all the kids are listening to. Upon seeing the senator, she leans on the horn, jumps a curb, and hops out to give him hell for dropping out of the running. Turns out that Lloyd has decided he wasn't ready to be President, so rather than gamble as a challenger, he dropped out for a chance to nominate the president before the next election. I imagine this will put him in position to be selected as Veep. Mandy isn't quite as understanding as I am. She is confident that she could have won him the election, and besides, she left a pretty lucrative job to land this guy his job. Perhaps most important, though, is her fear that her ex-beau Josh will be gloating about his victory over a very serious contender.

Mandy's fear is justified. Josh gloats. I suspect that the Moonlighting-esque sexual tension between these two power brokers will titillate us in episodes to come.

All this before the head credits.

C.J. and Toby discuss The Joke. Apparently, The Prez has a really bad sense of humour, which has resulted in a bunch of golfers being offended and refusing a photo op with the Prez. This is of some concern, and they vow to speak with him about it at the upcoming meeting.

Upon being confronted in the meeting, The Prez shifts into crazy-talk mode, which includes some Latin. So he says, "Post hoc ergo propter hoc," which means "After, therefore, because of it." Apparently it's a causality thing, but having rotted my brain with countless, countless hours of television, I lack the computational power to understand what he's talking about. Fortunately, The Prez explains it in plain English. Unfortunately, I still don't get it. I suspect that the speaking-in-tongues schtick is meant to dial us into the concept that The Prez is not just a smart guy, but perhaps he has some mystical connection with the universe that allows him to be a great leader. Needless to say, The Joke issue remains unresolved.

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