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Leo arrives back in his office to find Jordan curled up on his couch under an Air Force blanket, half-asleep. She rouses herself and Leo says, "Boy, you're in the Air Force, the private sector, the Labour Department, two Presidential campaigns, and rehab, and you think you've seen it all but it turns out you haven't. 'Cause Sam Seaborn is going to be the Democratic candidate for Congress in Orange County." Jordan chuckles and says she thinks it's terrific: "But I would have thought you'd be unhappy." Leo replies, "Why?" Jordan says he's going to get crushed, and she doesn't think it would reflect well on POTUS. Leo: "Well...let me tell you something about process, Dr. Kendall. And I'll do so while tuning this radio to WNKW, 'The Music Of Your Life.' And begging the sun for one more moment of moonlight." That last line really hit. He delivered it perfectly. There are times when I think this show should just be all John Spencer, all the time. He continues, breaking the mood more than a little: "Speaking of the moon, Luna took power tonight. About three dozen people are dead, and Ignacio's under arrest. He'll be dead soon." Jordan: "Well...Luna's who you wanted." Leo replies, "The process matters more than the outcome and that's what we wanted. And therein endeth the lesson." Jordan smiles. Leo stands up, flashes her his beautiful smile, and asks, "Will you dance with me?" She says, "Yes," and gets up. They dance into the dawn. If Amy's still taking bets, I'll wager that somebody in the West Wing gets some tonight.

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