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First Bedroom, fire and candles burning, Dean Martin singing, "Love Me, My Love." Jed, in light blue pyjamas and dark blue robe, is fixing drinks and talking to Abby, who's in the bathroom/dressing room: "I don't want to intimidate you, but it turns out I'm the first Democrat in twenty years to make a clean sweep of the Plains states. And I'm not just talking about Iowa and Nebraska." Abby asks, "Are you trying to turn me on now?" Jed, gently shaking the cocktail shaker: "Yeah." Abby appears at the door, still in her red Election Night suit, and says, "All right." She disappears again, as Jed says, "I won the Dakotas, the Badlands, the Black Hills..." Hee. Badlands. He continues: "But let's go down, way down, to the Deep South and the yoomid bayou of Louisiana and its nine electoral votes." He pours drinks and dabs some gin or whatever behind each ear. "What manner of man it must take to win the state, which, by the way, is the only one operating under the Napoleonic Code of France. And I still don't know what that's all about, but back to me..." Abby appears again, still in her suit, as Jed hands her her drink. She asks, "Hon, this is, like, nerd hot talk?" Jed asks, "Who's your Commander-in-Chief?" Abby simpers and puts on a twelve-year-old voice and says, "You are." That's definitely more than I needed to know. Jed clinks her glass (is that what the kids are calling it these days?) and says, "Yes." She wanders off again as Jed says, "And do the ladies like him? Oh yes. To the tune of 58%."

There's a knock on the door and Charlie comes in, looking wearily apologetic. Jed says he thought they had an understanding about interruptions tonight: "I thought we were men." Charlie explains that Sam needs to see him. Jed tells Charlie to send Sam in. Sam comes in, saying he hopes he's not there at a bad time. Jed, in his robe, holding a drink, asks: "No, what would make you say that?" Sam takes in the candlelight and the Dean Martin and remarks, "Actually, it looks as if I couldn't have picked a worse time." Jed, quietly: "No, no, you could have and I'm not going to take any chances, so let's do it now." Sam tells him about the Wilde win and informs Jed that he might be asked if he's endorsing the Seaborn campaign. Jed: "Am I?" Sam says he's not really running. Jed, raising his glass: "Then I'm behind you 100%." Sam starts to explain his promise to Kay Wilde, when suddenly Abby appears at the door again, wearing nothing but a dark blue satin pyjama shirt and high heels. Great legs. I should look so good when I'm fifty-eight. Hell, I didn't look that good when I was eighteen. Abby flirtatiously says, "Hello, Mr. President," before she sees Sam standing there, and then leans against the door frame, sighing, "Oh, my God." Jed laughs, "Yeah, look, honey, Sam stopped by." Sam looks sheepishly at Jed. Abby says, "Hi, Sam." Sam turns to look at her, smiles, and says, "Hi." Jed: "Eyes front, mister." Sam says he'll have everything taken care of within a few hours, and that Jed doesn't need to worry about it. As he leaves, Sam asks, "Is this Dean Martin?" Jed says it is. Sam: "Good." Jed: "Thank you." Out in the hall, both Bonnie and Ginger are waiting for Sam; he asks them to keep trying Will Bailey for him.

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