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Marriott Hotel, Newport Beach. Out in front of the hotel, Will's walking along and being congratulated by someone who passes by. Will thanks the person for his hard work, muttering to himself: "Don't know who you are." Elsie Snuffin comes scampering out of the hotel yelling for him: "Come back to the par-tee!" She climbs through the planter. She's wearing a sleeveless dress that is off-white on the top, with a taupey/flesh-toned band underneath the chest that's stitched to a high-waisted black skirt. It gives the distinctly odd effect that she's wearing a bra with a tube skirt pulled up high. Hell, maybe she is, I can't tell in this light. Will says he's going to sleep, any second now. Elsie says it's the greatest night of his life, and asks, "You're going to sleep?" Will says, "Special reward." She says it's the shank of the evening, and all kinds of volunteers want to dance with him, and he knows what that means. Elsie asks if he's ever going to enjoy himself. Will: "I just beat Chuck Webb; that was a pretty good time." She tells him she's so proud that he's her brother. So he really is her big brother? What happened to Will being the youngest? He says, "Me, too," a couple of times, meaning he's glad she's his sister. I'd like an explanation of the family situation here. It's kind of a big continuity glitch for two new characters both introduced in the same short span of time. They're step-siblings? What's the deal? Will keeps heading away. She keeps trying to persuade him to come back and he refuses. She finally relents, and before he takes off, he tells her, "Don't be wearing that dress all in front of...aw, never mind." He gestures with exasperation and walks off. She just smiles as he leaves and then turns back.

We see Will taking off his jacket as he walks down the hotel corridor to his room. As he arrives, his phone is ringing. It's Josh, who congratulates him. Will returns the congratulations. Josh wants to talk about Sam; Will wonders if it could wait until morning: "It's been a pretty long few months." Josh: "I understand completely, Will. Let me just ask you this: what are the President's unfavourables in the 47th?" So basically, when Josh said he understood, that meant, "I'll just say that, but then we're going to press on with what I want." Josh says he's trying to get a sense of what happens when Sam gets tagged with Bartlet fatigue. Is that communicable? Because I think I may have it. Will says he doesn't have the facts and figures, and that he can call Josh in the morning from the office. Josh: "I just assumed, 'cause, most operatives can recite that kind of thing, you know, at the upper levels." Will quickly recites all the information Josh wants, thereby proving that his penis isn't any smaller than Josh's. Josh thanks him and hangs up, thoughtfully chewing his cud. He wanders out into the darkened office area and asks Donna to find Leo for him.

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