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Donna gets on the horn to Margaret; as she looks up, she notices Lieutenant Commander Jack Reese with an armload of boxes and belongings, trying to find his office. She wanders over to him and asks if he's lost. Jack: "Hey, I know you." He says she didn't tell him she works there. She takes the piece of paper out of his hand, saying she's sure he's in Dr. McNally's wing. Jack says that navigation was never his strong suit in school. As we shall see, neither was chemistry, evidently. Donna asks if he had to study navigation. He says, "Yeah, a lot." She asks where he went to school; he tells her it was Annapolis, Maryland. Donna apologizes for asking a question to which the answer should have been obvious.

Donna leads Reese through the revellers as she asks him to give her a carton. He refuses. As they make their way though the party, he asks, "So, you guys having a party or something?" Donna says they won an election. He heard, and congratulates her. That's some scintillating conversation there, Sparky. Donna wonders if this isn't a strange time to be moving into his office. Sparky explains that he's the 2:00 AM Watch Commander in the Situation Room tonight. Wouldn't he use military time? Just wondering. Sparky asks: "Why didn't you tell me you worked for the White House?" Donna says she didn't want him to feel awkward about voting for Writchie. He says he didn't. Donna knows that, but points out that it's because he traded votes with her. But he was going to. She didn't want him to feel awkward about it.

Sparky and Donna are out of the party area now and going down to what I presume is the basement level. Donna asks, "So why the hell were you going to vote for Writchie?" Sparky says his role at the White House isn't political. Donna: "Is that what they told you to say if somebody asks?" Sparky points out that people usually don't ask. Miss Nosy Parker says that's true, and then asks him again. They finally arrive at his office door. Donna kind of stands there, and since Sparky's hands are full, he asks if she'd mind opening the door. She opens it and flips on the light. It's not the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue, but it's only a couple of steps up. Donna notes that it's freezing in there. Sparky sets his stuff down and thanks her for her help. She tries one more time to find out why he was going to vote for Writchie. Sparky: "Pentagon procurement." Apparently, Bartlet campaigned on a promise to roll it back. Donna: "He wasn't talking about your job, or weapons...he was talking about...$500 screwdrivers." Sparky's phone rings and he answers it. Donna, oblivious, keeps blathering quietly to him as he's listening to his caller. Sparky thanks his caller and hangs up. He says he's being called into work early. It can't be much more than a few minutes, since it's already after 1:15 AM. Donna asks what's going on. Sparky says it sounds like there's about to be a coup d'état in Venezuela. Should he be spreading it around like that? I mean, it's not likely to be top-secret or anything, but shouldn't he keep his cards a little closer to his chest? I don't know. As he leaves, Donna tells him to be careful. Sparky thanks her, but says he's just going downstairs. Wait, aren't they already on the lower level? Maybe the Sit Room is two levels below. How does he know where the Sit Room is if he didn't even know where his office is? Why have they cast someone to be Donna's annual love interest with whom there's zero chemistry? Is Sparky gay? ["Don't ask, don't tell!" -- Wing Chun] So many questions.

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