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Sam Sells Sea Shells By The Seaborn

The situation maintains silence, radio and otherwise. POTUS asks at what point they're allowed to start worrying, explaining that it's been over four hours since the operation began. A voice comes across the radio to let us know that the "cargo is on board," and as the place breaks into applause, POTUS asks them to affirm once more that the hostages are all safe. But the celebration is cut right short with Fitz's announcement that "Red Haven't on fire." A bomb has gone off at the base in Ghana where the Deltas practiced, and we learn that a suicide bomber has attacked the base.

POTUS sends Leo up to talk to the families, and he walks in with the simple message, "They're safe." Smiles and hugs are exchanged, and Leo explains further that they're on their way to a hospital in Germany and they'll be back on American soil the following day. Leo adds that there has been a terrorist attack at the makeshift base they set up to practice for the rescue. Then he walks out.

Will reads some super-polished speech language that he credits to one of the Laurens, and does the same for another. "I wrote that?" she asks. She did. "I'm very good." He apologizes for his Republican Vogue comment (awww, don't take that one back!) before informing the interns about the suicide bomber in Ghana. He tells them that they'll be putting the tax plan aside in light of this new development, adding on his way out, "You all did well. I'll see you tomorrow." As he turns to leave, he hears the girls busily getting back to work, so he tells Winnie, "I don't think they understood. They can go home." Winnie assures him, "They understood." Great. Next an intern can become President in Rock 'n' Roll Prez, starring Frankie Muniz and brought to you by the Disney Channel in conjunction with the terror I feel at having these children putting words in the President's mouth.

"We are preaching to the choir and that is all that we are doing," Sam yells to Toby, walking into a bar and discovering Toby is no longer behind him. Toby finally catches up, and Sam complains that all the groups he's spoken to today are people who are voting for him already. He wants to know why. Toby explains, "The story's going to be that you stood up for what you believe in." And so Sam finally gets it: "I'm going to lose." Toby assures him that he will. They hug in solidarity because Toby is standing by him anyway, but their manlove reverie is quickly broken by the appearance of a bartender, who informs them in a most unlikely way, "There was a terrorist bombing in Africa, at an army base." And yes, America is totally much more attuned to news of terrorism than we used to be, but I'm still not sure a bombing at an army base is the first thing off a bartender's lips whenever a patron enters the premises. I'm not saying that it's right; I'm just saying that it's true. Nevertheless, Toby and Sam affirm that they already knew that, thanks, and they clink shots to Toby's toast, "God save the President of the United States." They walk out of the bar. Where's the Pope and the Protestant when you need 'em?

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