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Requiem For A Dream

There are a million limos parked in front of the church, as mourners leave the funeral. Josh walks out, and tells Santos, Helen, and Goodwin that the President has invited some people to the White House for a wake, and that they can clear some time on Santos's schedule so that he can attend. And then Goodwin raises the B-plot, which is that the race for Speaker of the House is heating up. Helen does Donna's old job by asking for some information, and we learn that there are three people running, although the third (named Marino) isn't really being counted by anyone. The other two candidates are Fields and Sellner; Fields is also a Houstonian, and an old friend of Santos's. He's asked for time to meet with the President-Elect, presumably to ask for support in the Speaker's race. Goodwin clearly thinks this is a good idea, and Josh points out that if Santos is going to meet with Fields, he needs to meet with Sellner. They all laugh off Helen's suggestion that Santos should also meet with Marino. Barry leaves, and Josh warns Santos against meddling in the Speaker's race, noting that it will only piss off some of the Democrats whose support he needs to pass his legislative agenda. We also learn that while Fields is a good Santos friend who campaigned for him like mad, Sellner has a tendency to vote with the Republicans on lots of issues. Josh also points out that Santos really has enough on his plate, what with having to select a new V.P. and having to nominate an entire cabinet. Santos breaks the news that he's asked Goodwin to head up the transition team. Santos gets brammed away, but before he leaves he suggests that Josh chat with Goodwin, who allegedly has some great ideas.

In the mostly empty church, Charlie walks up to Toby, who's still sitting in a pew. Charlie comments on the beauty of the service, and Toby tells him, "I'm just waiting for the press outside to pack up and leave." Charlie asks if Toby is coming to the graveside service at Arlington, and Toby asks, "Is that you asking or somebody else?" I'm not sure whether Toby is hoping to be asked, or if he's expecting to be asked to stay away. The latter, I think, because he tells Charlie, "Relax, Charlie. Tell C.J. I'm not coming. I'd like to, but I have other commitments." Charlie (who has shaved off the awful facial hair, thank God) offers to walk out of the church with Toby. Toby looks surprised, and Charlie tells him, "I don't think a picture of you and me makes the front page of the New York Times. Do you?" No, but it does make a great centerfold in the non-existent magazine Nice Smart Guys Monthly. Toby gets up, and he and Charlie walk out together, as men do.

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