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In the back of the limo, Abbey is telling Jed that she promised Mallory they would briefly stop by Jenny's house. Stockard Channing looks appropriately puffy in this scene, and I mean that in the best possible way. Kudos to the makeup crew. Abbey's also clutching her own hands together tightly, while Jed stares out the window. She asks him whether he noticed Toby at the church, and Jed just says, "Yeah." They're both near tears. Abbey: "He would have hated this, don't you think? He would have been mortified that we'd gone to all that trouble." She says Jed's name, and he finally looks over at her. And then the camera pans down to show us that they are holding hands. I have really missed Stockard Channing this season.

Cut to an exterior shot of the Old Executive Office Building ("OEOB" for short), as seen from the Caribou Coffee in the lobby of my building. 1701 Pennsylvania, represent! Josh is leading Santos into the offices set aside for the transition, apologizing for the disorganization, and noting that they just moved into the space the day before. They walk into a large open workspace, and the staff applauds with some enthusiasm. Josh makes a joke about them being able to see the West Wing from the windows, so they can "make sure nobody makes off with our FBI files before we get in there."

Josh leads Santos into his personal office, which is large and wood-paneled and very executive. Santos does a spin to take in the room, and tells Josh, "This'll do." Otto enters to tell Santos that the Director of the National Gallery called, in case he wants to pick out art for the walls. Really, he gets major pieces of art for the walls of his transition office? If that's true, I'd like to know which Presidents-Elect have taken advantage of that, because it strikes me as seriously egomaniacal. Santos asks whether Otto has his messages. Didn't we learn that Otto's a speechwriter? Has he suddenly been demoted to secretary? Josh tells Santos that it's Josh's job to vet the messages, and Santos thinks he would rather see them all himself. At least, that's what he thinks until he learns that there are already 1,200 messages piled up. Otto leaves, and Santos asks Josh what he thinks about Swain for Defense Secretary. Josh incredulously asks if Santos is speaking of Senator Swain of Rhode Island. Santos thinks he would be well liked by the folks at the service academies based on his previous tenure as Secretary of the Navy. Josh points out that Swain is a Republican. Santos thinks that a little bipartisanship would be a good thing. But Josh's objection is not that he's not a Democrat -- it's that appointing a Republican senator from a mostly Democratic state like Rhode Island would be viewed as an attempt to change the political balance of power in the Senate. Santos points out that Goodwin thought it was a good idea, and Josh sucks it up and flatly tells Santos that Goodwin is wrong. Santos asks, "Are you unhappy with Barry Goodwin as head of the transition team?" Josh responds, "I'm unhappy with him as de facto congressional liaison." Santos points out that one advantage of having Barry handle the transition is that it helps Josh to avoid ruining future relationships that he'll need to operate as Chief of Staff. And I almost wonder if that's the first time Santos has made it clear that Josh will be his Chief of Staff. Otto enters to let Santos know that Congressman Fields has arrived. Santos notices Josh giving him a very questionable look, and Santos tells Josh, "I served in the House for six years. I think I can handle ten minutes alone with one of my closest friends in Congress." Josh just says, "Thank you, sir." He does not add, "May I have another?" And then Josh leaves Santos to enjoy his new swivel chair.

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