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Jed and Abbey walk toward "the thing," and Jed slows down and falls behind. Abbey walks back to him and tells him, "God, you're a handsome devil." Again, she knows that the best way to motivate him is to appeal to his vanity. She asks whether he's ready, and he sighs that he is. They walk into the wake.

Everyone in the room turns to face the door as Jed and Abbey enter. Jed immediately goes from being utterly morose to being the life of the party, saying hello to people, shaking hands, telling people to cheer up. He tells them, "Why the long faces? Leo'd be furious if he knew we were all standing around feeling sorry for ourselves." He asks whether there's any music planned, and Carol tells him that she has a CD player at her desk that she could fetch. Jed greets Debbie and C.J., and then C.J. nods her head in Margaret's direction and sends him over to her. Jed takes Margaret by the hands, kisses her on the cheek, and tells her that Leo loved her. She's bucked up by his words, and he starts to tell a story about a trip to Seattle during Jed's first campaign. Apparently, it was raining, Leo couldn't find his umbrella, and Margaret picked up a garbage can to shield him from the rain, and promptly dumped its contents all over him: "Leo ended up with a three-course meal on his head." Margaret: "Dry as a bone, though." Everyone in the room is laughing at this story, except for Abbey, who looks at Jed with some concern in her eyes. Commercials.

At the wake, C.J. walks up to Danny, who offers her a drink. She accepts, but nervously tells him, "Before you spend your time getting me liquored up, I should tell you..." Danny: "You're a virgin?" No, that's not it. He tries again: "Terminally ill?" Again, not it. C.J. tells him that she won't be able to do that thing she told him she was going to do, because she has an unexpected houseguest. Danny doesn't see the problem, since C.J.'s coming to his house would just give Donna the run of C.J.'s place. But C.J. doesn't know what she would tell Donna if she didn't sleep at her own place, and claims to be a terrible liar. While they are speaking, Donna keeps glancing over at the two of them. I think she might be on to them. C.J. tells him that the problem is not what to tell Donna, but that if she commits to going over to Danny's, she's going to obsess about it -- both what to say to Donna and what to say to herself -- all afternoon, making it impossible for her to do her job: "We've put this off for seven years. This'll keep another night." Or until the inauguration. Donna walks up to them, and Danny sarcastically tells her, "Good to see ya."

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