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Santos and Josh enter the room, and Jed loudly proclaims, "All hail the conquering heroes!" He leads a round of applause. Jed shakes Santos's hand and congratulates him. Santos leans in, and tells Jed, "I am so sorry for your loss, sir." Jed deflects his own pain, responding, "It's a loss for the entire country." But that doesn't make it any less of a loss for his best friend. Jed's voice nearly breaks as he asks where Helen is. Apparently, she went back to Houston to be with the kids. Jed tells him, "Lots of changes coming into your lives." Although I'm hoping that Santos won't have to worry about his personal body man sleeping with his daughter.

Josh sees Amy, who greets him with "Hello, stranger." Josh slowly approaches her, and notes that he thought he saw her earlier. I think Josh must have been trapped in some conversation that got left on the cutting-room floor, because he tells her, "You could have rescued me." Amy: "I decided a few years back that was not an efficient use of my time." I've never agreed with her more. There's definitely a touch of chemistry between them as she asks how he is, and then asks whether she can have a couple of minutes alone with him. Donna notices them walking away together, and takes a swig of wine.

C.J. comes upon Ainsley walking through the halls. C.J. asks her, "How's the Hoover Institute?" Ainsley says twice that it's only been two weeks. I think that means it's been two weeks since she left the White House, and therefore C.J. shouldn't really act like she misses her, and also that after just two weeks she's not really sure how it is at the Hoover Institute. And I don't mind them pretending that one of the people who disappeared from the show has been quietly working in the West Wing, out of sight of the cameras. Just so they don't do it with all of them. And then Ainsley tells C.J. that she'd like to talk to her about a job. My theory about Ainsley is that, a few weeks ago, she was convinced that Vinick would win, so she took a job at a conservative think tank in order to position herself for a job in his administration. And now that Santos has won, she's coming back to her old buddies to try to get a job in his administration. And it's kind of careerist (especially to bring it up at a wake), but I admire her ambition. My other theory about Ainsley is that if she and Annabeth were ever in the same room and speaking at the same time, every dog for miles would go mad.

Josh and Amy are in the empty Communications pool. Amy sits, and then asks Josh, "Who's on the list?" Josh wonders to which of the many jobs they are trying to fill she could possibly be referring. Amy: "Leo's!" And my first reaction was that Josh is filling Leo's job. And then I realized she was talking about the Vice-Presidency. Amy tells Josh she has some thoughts, and Josh tells her, "Carol Gellsey's already on the list." Amy wants to know how high on the list she is, and Josh mumbles for a bit before telling her that she's pretty high, but not number one. Governor Baker of Pennsylvania is the first choice at the moment. Amy thinks that choosing Baker would be "myopic." Josh: "I feel so good about myself when we talk." Amy makes a pitch for Gellsey, who apparently is from Florida and is quite popular there, so she could potentially help to carry the state in four years. But Josh notes that she's another member of Congress, and that they are looking for someone with serious executive experience. And unless they really intend to rely on the Veep to help manage things, I just think that's not necessary. By the time Santos runs again, he'll have the best executive experience of any potential candidate. Josh tells Amy, "We're looking for a senior statesman here. It's about gravitas." Amy: "You're looking for Leo McGarry, Josh, and he isn't available." She's so refreshingly direct. Josh asks whether Amy really thinks Gellsey is as good as Baker, and she unblinkingly tells him, "I think she's better."

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