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One Foot In The Grave

Charlie chugs alongside C.J. as she hustles through the hall, telling her he got some call from a guy at ABC. C.J., concerned, says the guy works for Diane Mathers. The guy wanted to ask Charlie about his statement to the Secret Service the night of Zoey's kidnapping. C.J. wants to know if he told the guy anything about the Ecstasy. Charlie says of course he didn't; he just took the guy's name and got off the phone: "What was I supposed to do?" C.J. says he did fine, and that she'll handle it from here.

As Leo arrives at work, Toby complains about Ashland's not taking Bartlet's calls. Leo says he doesn't think there are a lot of phones in the ICU. Toby is surprised to hear that Ashland's in intensive care, since CNN is reporting that it's just exhaustion. Toby mentions that Ashland is eighty-four; Leo points out his grandfather lived to be ninety. Toby: "My grandfather lived to be ninety-six, but the last twenty years he thought the Habsburgs still lived in a big palace in Vienna. How long before this gets dangerous, Leo? Before we've got a cadaver up there, ruling on when life begins?" Leo points out Ashland is a lifelong ally of Bartlet's. Toby replies, "We're talking about an empty robe, and I don't like this any more than you do. If Roy Ashland were a religion, I'd convert. But what happens if we wait until he's senile and ends up in a coma? We -- we go to a Republican Congress to -- to impeach? Haffley will never do that. He'll leave Ashland on a respirator until one of their guys gets to wear the windbreaker on Air Force One."

Leo and Toby arrive at Leo's office, and Will's waiting there. Will asks how the budget negotiations are going; Leo says they went until midnight last night and started again at 6:00 AM. Will wonders if Angela's in over her head; Leo says that things were already a mess: "Angela's going to make the best deal she can and get us out of there in one piece." Toby says that if Ashland won't take Bartlet's calls, maybe they should send someone over. Leo sneers, "What, just show up with a bunch of balloons and some peanut brittle?" Toby says they have to get Ashland off the bench. Will: "There's this thing called the Constitution. It's a nagging little document, I'll grant you..." Leo asks Toby, "What's this about you breaking somebody's coffee mug?" Toby doesn't know what Leo's talking about. I wonder if that was Fifi. Leo says that Personnel told him another of Toby's researchers quit, after he broke her coffee mug. Margaret helpfully volunteers, "It was a ceramic hippo." I'll bet Toby broke it on principle. You can see how he'd be a big fan of cutesy coffee mugs. Toby claims, "It got in the way of a misfiled copy of the Congressional Record I was...." Leo: "You were refiling with your throwing arm?" Toby wants to get back to Ashland, but Leo wants to talk about Toby's problem retaining staff. Margaret tells Leo that Jed's ready for him, and Leo tells Toby, "Stop breaking things. I don't need the victims of Hippogate filing class-action suits."

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