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One Foot In The Grave

Josh watches a bunch of suits march out, and ambles over to the Roosevelt Room to ask what's going on. Leo tells Josh that they had a bit of a breakdown. He's informed that the Republicans have decided that the cap-gains tax cut is non-negotiable, and that they want to make it even bigger. Angela tells Josh that they're going to have to have a Continuing Resolution until after Christmas. Josh: "You gotta be kidding. You let it drag on that long, they'll try to de-fund the yule log." Angela: "It gets better: they're not willing to continue funding at the current level. They want a 1% cut on everything but defense and Homeland Security." Josh: "How could this happen?" Leo cautions him, but Josh insists, "No, Leo, how is this acceptable? Haffley's not the Prime Minister. You take this to the President, you know what he'll say?" Leo: "He'll say yes." Josh: "How can you say that?" Leo: "To keep the lights on! To make sure a couple of million government employees keep getting paid. It's two more months." Josh: "This isn't governing. It's duck-and-cover." Leo: "He'll say that, too." Leo leaves, and then Angela gets up to put on her jacket. Josh says, "At least be...." Angela snaps: "What?" Josh: "I don't know...embarrassed." Donna says, "It wasn't her." Oh God. Please don't tell me Donna said something to screw things up. Josh asks, "What?" Donna says, "You know the hand she was dealt." Josh: "You saying it was me?" Donna replies, "No, I'm saying we may have won in a landslide, but we didn't take Congress with us. And now it looks like we're not taking the country with us, and the other guys know it." Josh looks pissed. And betrayed. Donna says she has to get back to work. She leaves, and Josh is silent for a moment before sneering, "It's nice when you make new friends." Oh, good. Passive-aggressive Josh, my favourite flavour. Angela says, "You know, all this time she's been fighting for you -- for you and your plan to send everyone to college." Josh says it's not a bad plan. Angela says that the Republicans didn't think so either: "I even think they wanted to go along with it. Run ads [that] they voted for it. But we'd have had to squeeze Medicaid, the EITC. Poor people paying for college kids and Wall Street? I don't think Jed Bartlet would sign off on that!" Josh has already walked out of the room, and Sam isn't around to remind her to call him "President Bartlet." Now she's talking to herself: "I got you 'til Christmas."

Joe comes back to Ashland's hospital room. This time, Ashland's awake, though very subdued: "Mr. Quincy...back to argue Mimoud...v. Transportation Security." Joe says, "Suspect class: strict scrutiny." Ashland reminds Joe that he works for the President now: "It'd be ex parte." Joe says he's glad to see Ashland doing better. Ashland: "This just a...social visit?" Joe admits it's not. Ashland knows that the President sent Joe. He says to Joe, "I think it's time we called each other by...our first names...Joe. Don't you?" Joe replies, "Yes, sir, Mr. Chief Justice." Ashland chortles weakly and pats Joe's arm. Joe smiles at him.

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