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A Turkey Wing And A Prayer

Donna and Morton take off with Troy as Sam and Josh show up. Jed says he's still waiting for his speech, which Sam has and hands to him. C.J. indicates that she'll go out and start the singing and lute playing. Jed's response: "Whatever." She leaves and Josh says, "I'm assuming you've heard?" Jed's first comment is, "By the way, the Latin word for yam is dioscorea." Josh says tentatively, "You've heard..." Then Jed switches tracks again, "About the Chinese refugees?" Apparently they've escaped. Jed feigns amazement. Josh and Sam have not exactly been fooled. Jed says the detention centre was being guarded by 22nd Division of the California National Guard: "Now what does it say about our reserve army..." Sam completes the sentence: "That eighty-three men, women, and children who haven't eaten in two months staged a prison break?" Jed doesn't address this comment but reads his little speech: "Well over three-and-a-half centuries ago, strengthened by faith and bound by a common desire for liberty, a small band of pilgrims sought out a place in the New World where they could worship according to their own beliefs." He pauses while that sinks into the audience. He goes on to read the part about how he, POTUS, proclaims this to be a National Day of Thanksgiving. He nods at Sam and Josh. Sam leaves. As we can hear the children start to sing in the background, Josh says, "You asked the Governor to stand down the 22nd Division." Jed adds, "And call in the Red Cross." Jed assures him they didn't do anything illegal and that Josh isn't involved in some massive criminal conspiracy. He explains that there was no way they were letting them go, and they needed to help China save face, so now they can tell their people that the mighty American military was overpowered by...Josh interrupts, "Yeah." POTUS takes his proclamation and starts to walk toward the Rose Garden. Josh asks, "So the guy passed the test, huh?" Jed asks, "You think I would have sent him back if he failed catechism? Let me tell you something: we can be the world's policeman. We can be the world's bank, the world's factory, the world's farm...What does it mean if we're not also...They made it to the New World, Josh. You know what I get to do now? I get to proclaim a National Day of Thanksgiving." In the background, we hear someone introducing the President of the United States. Jed sticks his glasses in his pocket, smiles beautifully, and says, "This is a great job." He opens the door to the Rose Garden, and we can hear the music more clearly now. Josh follows, and a Secret Service agent closes the door behind him. One of the window panels frames the portrait of George Washington behind Jed's desk. And we're out.

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