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A Turkey Wing And A Prayer

It's a bright and shiny Monday morning at the White House. Josh is meeting with Leo, apprising him of the situation with the Horizon. There were originally ninety-six Chinese refugees stowed away in the hold, but thirteen died en route. The remaining eighty-three are being held by the INS in a temporary detention facility near the water. Leo tells him to brief C.J. As Josh leaves, he asks Leo if he's doing anything for Thanksgiving. Leo says he's spending it with the First Family, and asks Josh about his plans. Josh says that he and Sam and Toby are watching football, and he asks Leo not to mention it to the President because Jed'll just want to invite them for dinner. Leo remarks sarcastically that he thinks as soon as the President hears they're free, he'll ask them to dinner. Josh claims they've been working hard, and they'd rather watch football than listen to a history of the yam in Latin. Leo responds to this by telling him again to brief C.J.

Josh catches up with C.J. out in the hall and tells her about the Chinese refugees and advises her to stay out of the Press Room until he can giver her more information. She asks about the recess appointments; Josh mentions that Toby wants to talk to POTUS about adding a name to the list: Josephine McGarry. McGarry....McGarry...where have I heard that name? C.J.'s surprised and asks if it's being done as a favour to Leo. Josh says it's Toby sniffing around for a fight on school prayer. As C.J. and Josh split for their respective offices, C.J. says, "Well, he'll get one. I'm going to see what's next for me in this week of unendurable Thanksgiving nonsense!" Carol hands her some messages and papers as she reaches her office.

C.J. enters her office reading the papers, sets her stuff down on a table, and as she turns to slip off her coat, sees one of the turkeys on her couch; the other's on her desk. I hate to think where their droppings are. Carol appears at the door to tell her the turkeys came. C.J.'s speechless. Donna comes barrelling down the hall, or at least as close to barrelling as you can get in a tight skirt and high heels, saying, "Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait I'm coming!" Donna tells her the turkeys came. Carol excuses herself. Unlike Margaret and Donna, Carol knows when to get the hell out of a room. Donna explains the Three Stooges said the turkeys should go in her office. C.J., with her coat still hanging off her elbows, has no idea what the turkeys are for. Donna reveals that every year on Thanksgiving, POTUS pardons a turkey, and as Press Secretary, it's her job to decide which of two finalists is the more photogenic. She doesn't know about this because she was sick last year. C.J.'s incredulous. Donna starts to tell C.J. their names but C.J. says she doesn't want to know. Donna, ever mindful of what she's told, hesitates and then quickly says, "This one's Eric and this one's Troy." C.J. restates the whole thing to make sure she understands the task at hand. She then says, "Okay, I have actually a Master's degree from the University of California at Berkeley." Donna says that's a good school. C.J. says, "Yeah." We get a shot of one turkey gobbling. Donna mentions that they eat grain, or whatever's around, really, and that Troy doesn't like to be touched. C.J. looks at Troy, coat still hanging off her arms, and says, "Okay, I'd like to be alone now." Donna says she understands and leaves C.J. to survey the turkeys.

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