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A Turkey Wing And A Prayer
reaking up Norman Rockwell are the cops, the handcuffs, the nightstick, and my sister!" Margaret comes in and Leo tells her to get Josephine on the phone. She leaves and Leo says to Toby, "I begged you to go slow with this nomination." He argues that the post did not urgently need to be filled and no essential functions would suffer without an Assistant Secretary of Primary and Secondary Education. Toby responds that it brings the problem front and centre. Leo wants to know what the prize is for doing that. Margaret comes back in to tell Leo that his sister's on the phone. Leo and Toby just kind of look at each other with a mix of annoyance, regret, frustration, and stubbornness. Toby picks up the picture and says he'll be in his office. Leo suggests that it brings Toby's problem front and centre, and tells him to leave the picture. Toby does and Leo picks up the phone. "Hey, Jo."

Wednesday. C.J. asks Donna if she can borrow her for a minute. They run into Josh as C.J.'s hustling Donna along, and C.J. says she'd love to talk to Josh, but she has a turkey pardoning in five minutes. He says he thought that was tomorrow. She clarifies that tomorrow is the singing. Josh is overjoyed to learn that she's leading the children in song. She says she needs Donna for a moment, and Josh asks, "You need help with the song?" C.J. declines with gracious sarcasm, and she and Donna walk off; Donna reminds Josh that he has a meeting with the INS guys in a minute. C.J. says quietly that she needs help with the song. Donna asks whether it isn't the "usual" song; C.J. has no idea that there's a usual song. Apparently it's called "We Gather Together" but it seems C.J.'s never heard of it. Donna asks, "Didn't you go to elementary school?" C.J. snaps, "Yes, right before being a National Merit Scholar!" (I'm starting to wonder if the emphasis on C.J.'s brains and education are a shout-out to complaints about the way Sorkin writes the women on the show.) Donna assures her that the madrigals will know the song. C.J.: "The madrigals?" Donna clarifies that it's a couple of guys wearing costumes and playing lutes. Donna: "It's no problem." C.J.: "You're not the one conducting a musical on CNN!" Donna offers to teach C.J. the song. C.J. accepts but wants to do it later. She gestures with the camera flash in her hands, saying, "Right now I have actual serious work to do."

Donna scoots off and C.J. disappears into her office. She starts telling the turkeys that she's observed them under a number of conditions, and this is the final. "I can't have you wigging out in the President's face." She clicks the flash a few times in their faces. They gobble but otherwise don't react much. She tells them they both did fine. "Troy, I want you to know it was neck and neck but I'm giving it to Eric. You were in it right to the end, but it's that flapping thing you got goin' on. I'll tell you what's of some concern to me -- that I've been talking out loud this whole time. That's very unsettling." Donna comes back in without knocking as C.J.'s trying to figure out how to get the turkey to the pardoning. Donna volunteers the information that the guy said to support him under his hindquarters. C.J. responds, "Well, I don't know where his hindquarters are and I'm not going to look that hard." They snap their fingers and whistle and try to hustle the birds along. Good luck.

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