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Everyone's slumped in their chairs in the War Room. From the looks on their tired faces it's become the Bore Room. Will says, "A hundred and ten minutes?" Toby says it could mean anything. Josh insists it's a good sign. Donna comes in, saying, "Don't call the feds, I'm just dropping off forms for the Treasury employees." Angela: "So you're the one who saved Social Security." Will: "Nice catch." Is it just me, or is this a little far-fetched? I mean, I have no trouble believing Donna would think of the Social Security thing; I have a lot of trouble believing that out of nearly a million employees, she's the only one. Come on. The Credulity Strain-o-Meter is creaking under the load. Donna just wishes she could be doing more. Josh tells her some yarn about Wilt Chamberlain and a basketball rookie that I couldn't possibly care less about. Fortunately Leo arrives at that moment to say that Haffley's left, so I don't have to hear any more about sports. Except for Donna, they all hustle over to the Oval Office. Leo, Angela, and the Fab Four all approach Jed's desk like they're nearing the hospital bed of someone near death. Jed's got terminal Incredibly Serious Presidential Grimace disease. Josh asks if they have another CR. Jed stands up, pockets his spectacles, and says no. He slowly walks around to the front of the desk and then finally says, "A budget." Leo breaks into a big grin. C.J. asks about the cap-gains tax cut. Jed: "No." Toby asks about the college tuition tax credit. Jed says, "No...but it's a tax cut. Republicans are always in favour of tax cuts. So if we can find a way to make it revenue-neutral next year, it stays." Toby wavers a little, and puts his hand on Josh's shoulder for balance, and then gives him a friendly little shove. Angela asks about the $50 billion gap. Jed says, "We'd already done our part, so the Speaker graciously agreed to do his." Josh explodes into a "Yeow!" He and Toby hug. Jed looks at his watch and says he's got about five minutes before dinner: "What's next?" I hope to God the answer is: a rerun.

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