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Donna trots into Josh's office with a file box and announces which office supplies she's taking with her: "Stationery, a stapler, three pens of various colours, the budget files...." Stapler? Pens? She doesn't have such things at home? ["Maybe the ones she has at home are of inferior quality, because she's a non-Special Assistant on a tight stationery budget." -- Wing Chun] Josh asks, "Why don't you just take them on disk?" Donna replies, "Because I don't have a computer. Can I take a computer home?" Josh: "Not unless you want three federal agents trailing you home." Donna: "Do I get to pick which three?" You go, girl. First time around I thought, "She doesn't have a computer?" That just strikes me as implausible. Not because I think everybody in North America has one; it just seems to me that Donna would have one. Can't you just see her emailing cute forwards around, and trying out online dating services? These are things Donna would do. On the other hand, she's rarely home, so, I suppose there's not much point. But wouldn't she have a laptop at the office? I dunno. Josh insists that he can survive for a day. I note that he doesn't commit to much more than that. Donna wonders if that's how long it will last. Josh: "Okay, take my laptop. Start a tally of programs affected by the shutdown and email it to me as you go." He starts to hand her the laptop, saying, "Don't read anything in the folder marked 'Private.'" Donna just looks at him blankly, and he turns around, saying, "Don't take my laptop." I suppose that file is where he keeps all his farm-animal porn and poems about Amy's toes and his diary entry about that one drunken night with Sam. Besides, Donna's already read through it anyway, Josh. You sure are naïve. Will appears, "You coming? War room." He zips off. Donna asks: "What's happening?" Josh says, "You remember when we went to Atlantic City?" She says, "We never went to Atlantic City." Josh: "You remember when I went to Atlantic City and I came back complaining that all the pro poker players suck all the fun out of the game: no cigars, no pizza or canned beer?" Donna says he played one hand. Josh: "Those guys? They bet the bank when they have a good hand. And you either fold or you go in all the way with them. I think the President's gonna stay in." Donna asks, "And how good is Haffley?" As Josh heads for the war room, he says, "He's better than anyone we've seen on the other side of the table in a long time."

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