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Six Meetings Before Lunch

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Six Meetings Before Lunch

At Zoey's campus, Zoey and three other students are sitting in a cafeteria practicing their French. ["It's a lot better than the French that A.J. and his mom were practicing a few weeks back on Dawson's Creek." -- Wing Chun] Off to one side, Gina confers with another agent who informs her that there are some reporters out front. Gina decides to take Zoey out the back. Zoey wants to know why they can't go out the front; when Gina explains, Zoey objects that reporters aren't supposed to be allowed on campus. Gina says security is on its way, but in the meantime she leads Zoey and one of her girlfriends toward the kitchen exit. Zoey and her friend are giggling and gossiping and chattering on in French; as they enter the kitchen, a guy pops out at them pointing a tape recorder, which just seems like a really bad idea. Gina takes a split-second to push him up against the refrigerator. She identifies herself and asks him who he is; he says he's Edgar Drumm from The Charleston Citizen and that he has a question for Miss Bartlet. Bully for you, bub. Step off. Zoey and her friend are standing silently a few feet away with another agent. Why he doesn't hustle the two of them off, I have no idea. Gina tells the other agent to take Zoey to the car, and they do finally start to walk away, but Drumm provokes Zoey with a question about her "partying with drug dealers." Zoey turns around and says softly, "What the hell?" Zoey's friend, who looks familiar (I think she was recently on That 70s Show) says that David Arbour isn't a drug dealer. Drumm asks Zoey why she went to the party and she says that she was invited, and that she didn't even know David Arbour was going to be there. As Zoey and her friend march off, the friend tells Drumm he's a "real jackass." Gina warns Drumm not to ever do that again, and he cracks, "I have to say, if this is how the Secret Service behaves during the Bartlet administration, it's a sad state of affairs." Gina replies, "We're all going to have to learn to live with your disappointment."

Sam opens his door and announces that his draft is done, and it's on schedule, and "on schedule" is going to be his middle name from now on. Cathy asks what his middle name was before; Sam says that it was Norman. Samuel Norman Seaborn? I have to say, that's not a real great name. He then confers with Cathy about his schedule for that morning. She says that he's on the Hill with Brennan and Landis at noon, and rhymes off a few other meetings that afternoon. He asks her to see if she can cancel the noon meeting, because he doesn't want to go. Cathy says that's not a good enough reason. Sam says he really doesn't want to go, but Cathy says he's going. Sam accepts this and goes back into his office as Cathy informs him that he's got Mallory at eleven o'clock, which is right now. He's puzzled. Sam, do you ever look at your schedule for the next day? I mean, maybe I'm just a control freak, but if I had to let someone else make my appointments, I'd be checking that thing every couple of hours, myself. Anyway, it turns out Mallory has made an appointment to harangue Sam during working hours regarding the school voucher issue. She says she didn't want to take advantage of the fact that they're dating. Sam: "We're not dating." Mallory: "That's kind of sad for you, isn't it?" He invites her into his office and glares at Cathy's back for a moment before going in after her.

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