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Six Meetings Before Lunch

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Six Meetings Before Lunch

Over in Sam's office, Mallory is continuing to excoriate Sam on the school voucher issue. Apparently they've already been at it for an hour. She continues to rail about the value of public education; Sam responds with his best arguments about how, despite spending four trillion dollars on public schools since 1965, public education is a disaster area. Mallory tells him that he's being pretty snotty for a guy who's trying to date her. Sam complains that he thought this was an office-hours issue and that if he'd known he was working on that he'd have had a whole different attitude. Sam can't be so hard-up that this is his best shot at a date. On the other hand, he hasn't, perhaps, exhibited the best judgment in choosing his dates. ["I liked the hooker a lot better, myself." -- Wing Chun] Cathy sticks her head in to mention the meeting on the Hill. Sam is now quite eager to go to that meeting, but Cathy says she cancelled it. Sam now has to continue having the riot act read to him by Mallory.

C.J. goes down to the reporter's space just off the briefing room, where Danny is working. She starts in asking him about whether he's heard anything of Edgar Drumm incident, but before she can get very far, Danny complains that she never tells him that she likes his suspenders. When Danny tells her that he heard Drumm asked Zoey whether she should be partying with drug dealers, C.J. says that that was what she heard, and gets up to leave. Danny adds that Zoey told Drumm that she didn't know Arbour was going to be there. C.J. whirls around: "What?" Danny tries to dismiss it all, given Edgar Drumm's apparent crackpot reputation. He doesn't get why C.J. seems rattled and C.J. doesn't explain. She says, "Those really are nice suspenders," as she takes off.

Josh and Jeff are discussing the reparations issue. Jeff mentions that reparations for slavery are nothing new; in 1865 General Sherman issued an order for nearly a half-million acres from South Carolina to Florida to be divided up into forty-acre plots and given to newly freed slaves. In addition he granted them the use of various decommissioned army supplies. "Including..." Jeff says, but Josh finishes the sentence: "Mules. Forty acres and a mule." Jeff points out that the order was rescinded four years later by Andrew Johnson. He also mentions that during riots in the sixties, looters could be heard shouting, "That was my forty acres! I'll be back for the mule." Josh wants to talk about Jeff's confirmation; Jeff agrees. Josh has one more thing to say, though: "While we're on the subject of the Civil War, let's remember the six hundred thousand white men who died over the issue of slavery." Jeff asks somewhat incredulously, "Is that why they died?" Josh responds, "It's why a lot of them died, Jeff, and there's no other place and time in recorded history where an event like that has occurred, so...let's leave it at that and move on." Jeff's fine with moving on, but Josh isn't really finished. "Except to say this..." Then he thinks better of it. Jeff tries to pry it out of him but Josh just wants to move on.

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