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Leo's given the letter to POTUS. He says, "There's a reason we have a chain of command. So people don't take flyers, and I don't hand you their resignations." Jed says he wanted to believe Toby could do it. Leo: "This isn't Never-Never Land, sir. Believing is not enough." Jed: "You would have stopped it." Leo: "Because it's my job." Jed: "It's my life, Leo. I'm the one who's accountable -- not in the morning papers, not in the Democratic cloakroom -- but in a fifty, a hundred years, when Tuesday's poll samples have crumbled into dust." Leo tells POTUS he can't will himself a legacy. Jed: "You think there's room at the Smithsonian for guys who never even tried?" You think the really great ones were more concerned about ending up in the Smithsonian than what they actually did each day? Leo pauses and then says, "You have to accept Toby's letter." Jed puts his glasses back on and looks at the letter again.

Josh finds Toby sitting alone in the dark. I think they're in the Mess, but as I said, it's dark. Perhaps I needn't have mentioned that. Josh enters, saying, "Five years...I never thought we'd have secrets." Except about their furtive love affairs with Sam. Toby quotes, "'Let thy discontents be thy secrets.'" That's rich, coming from someone like Toby. Josh: "Only if you want them to stay discontents." He chucks a chair on the floor, hard, and sits down, adding, "C.J. showed me your resignation. Why didn't you tell me? You don't trust me?" Toby replies, "I didn't tell you because you would have body-blocked me." Josh: "'Cause it was a stupid thing to do, and you knew it. Don't you want to try to take back Congress so we can legislate on a hundred of ours issues?" Toby: "Spoken like a true reformer." Josh: "I'd like to swim the English Channel, too. Takes more than jumping off a pier." Toby asks, "So we exploit the hard stuff 'til it can't be solved? That's what we want to be remembered for?" Josh explains it to him: "We do what's possible; we exploit what's not. That's how we win elections." Toby reminds him, "Well, I came up on losing campaigns, and every time I lost, at least I knew what I went down for. Carney knew." Josh asks what the losers get to do about Social Security: "Except receive it?" Toby says, "The losers can kick up enough dirt to keep the debate going. Maybe my letter will do that." Josh: "Make you a martyr." Toby: "Make someone else pick up the ball. Inch by inch, we're moving the line of compromise." Josh says this is not Sunday school: "It's the world capital of politics. I could've told you Gaines wasn't going to move." Toby points out that he was willing to move on private accounts. Josh can't believe it: "That's like...inhaling a baby grand." Probably leaves you with horrendous piano breath, too. Toby chuckles weakly: "Yeah. Well, he's out now." Josh is struck by inspiration: "Turner. Roy Turner."

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