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Toby's in his office watching Gaines and Turner on NBC News grabbing all the glory for this deal. C.J. stops by and says, "So much for the Wall Street Journal. It's a political tsunami." He asks what she told Polk. C.J.: "That they asked us to be part of this, and we said 'no.'" Toby: "Okay." C.J. gives him a small smile and asks, "So what do we do when Republicans and Democrats no longer have Social Security to thrash each other with?" Toby: "We move on to Medicare." Gaines and Turner go on bloviating and the commentator goes on congratulating them as C.J. leaves. She pauses at the door to say, "Always the slow news days, huh?" We watch Toby through the window of his office as he lights a cigar and continues to watch the coverage. Then there are a couple of dissolves as he carries on smoking and then finally packs up and leaves the office.

That was a sweeps episode? Heavens to Murgatroyd, I haven't seen anything that engrossing since the budget crisis of...whenever the hell it was. Well, that was...um...it was better than the three trips to the dentist I've made in the last ten days to have my molars drilled without anaesthetic. It was better than the idiotic Super Bowl brouhaha. Wait, I've got it: it was better than listening to Toby spew racist garbage! Woo. Thank God for small favours.

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