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Out in the hall, Josh catches up with Donna, asking her to tell Will he's on his way over: "I've got a little surprise for Senator Gaines. May not be such a slow news day after all."

After the commercials, a reporter knocks on C.J.'s door. C.J.: "Mr. Polk. To what do I owe the pressure?" Heh. I bet she uses that line a lot. He needs a comment and can't wait for the briefing. C.J.: "The Journal doesn't even have a bulldog edition." He says she may need some time for this one. He says that Toby's been meeting on the Hill and he wants to know if it's about Social Security. C.J. says she's sure it's not; he claims someone on Gaines's staff says otherwise. C.J.: "Do you know how many rounds we've gone on this issue? They're just picking a fight." Polk: "In person, obviously. Because Gaines met Toby an hour ago." C.J. sighs to herself: "This is what I get on a slow news day. No bulldog edition but plenty...." Polk: "Plenty of bulldogs. Check it out, C.J."

In Toby's office, he appears to be setting up a meeting with the Democratic Senator he's chosen. Marina tells Toby a reporter from the Wall Street Journal called. Toby says that he's not taking any press calls today. Marina says he said it was urgent. Toby's sure of it, and quite indifferent. I'm sorry, I'm just not buying this woman as being qualified for this position, especially for someone as picky and difficult as Toby. What the hell happened to Bonnie and Ginger? I don't think they have other roles that are keeping them from this show. Surely there must be lots of highly experienced and qualified assistants who could better serve one of the President's highest-ranking staff members. The whole thing just seems like an excuse to introduce yet another unnecessary character, and given the way she was brought in on the T&A ticket during November sweeps, along with that walking lawsuit crack, I simply can't see how this is going anywhere worthwhile. If Toby and Marina get involved, I'll cry. And not big, shiny, slow-moving soap-opera tears, either. Marina says there's something she doesn't understand about Social Security. Toby: "Then you could be a member of Congress." Well, she's qualified for just about everything, isn't she? Then she plays the Donna role and Toby plays the Josh role and explains the problem with Social Security to her. It's so basic I'm not even going to recount it here; if you haven't heard about it yet, Google it, for God's sake. Then she wants to know who James Carney is, since she sees his name all over the reports: "If Senator Gaines won't help, could you ask him?" Seriously: she's supposed to be well-versed enough to assist the President's Director of Communications. Also, I keep wanting to type "James Cagney."

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