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And the Olive Represents the Electoral College

Previously on The West Wing: VPOTUS Hoynes invited Leo to join his very special Leaders of the Free World chapter of AA.

We open on a meeting of the Leaders of the Free World AA chapter, held in some storage room full of busts and flags and globes and such. It's where they keep the ugly gifts they get from foreign dignitaries, but dust off and put out when said dignitaries visit, for the sake of good diplomacy. A bunch of men (and from what I can tell, one woman) sit around a table. Leo sits among them. A man recites some AA stuff to the gathered folks. Hoynes wanders in as the man's finishing up; Hoynes grabs some coffee, and takes a seat. The men bicker a little while about funding some plane that may or may not suck wind rather than soar through it. One man with a pronounced Texas accent has an important issue to bring up. He's concerned about Leo attending the meetings, because Leo's past addictions have been outed, and his participation could threaten the anonymity of the other participants. Texan worries, "Every meeting's for anybody. You don't have a password at the door. You just walk in and sit down. Except where anonymity is crucial, even among alcoholics -- commercial airline pilots, surgeons, and us." Well, that would be an interesting dilemma if they didn't have Secret Service agents watching the door and that they do in fact run the meetings under the guise of a poker game. Plus, who on earth is going to wander into a storage room in the basement of the White House? They argue about it, but Hoynes puts a stop to it by pointing out that they're his meetings and that Leo can stay. The man who read the AA stuff at the beginning reminds the others, "What we see here, what we say here, what we hear here, stays here." The meeting starts.

Sing along with The West Wing theme song! "A show! About the prez! Please don't dissect what it says! It's just entertaining! Not educating! It doesn't have a point of view! These! Are Aaron's tales! Please don't project your views upon this show! About the prez! (That's all it is!)" You can blame Miss Alli for that. She started it.

When we return from commercials, we're informed that it's 10:30 PM, Thursday night. The office looks just as busy as it would be at two in the afternoon. Josh and Sam are pedeconferencing. Sam apparently just returned from an ice hockey game with Toby, creating a perfect jumping-off point for slashfic writers. Sam blathers on a bit to the effect that, if he ever owned a hockey team, he'd hire a sumo wrestler and just have him sit in front of the goal. Josh points out the many ways that this plan wouldn't work. Sam: "My idea is totally unviable?" Josh: "You're a Democrat. It's a pretty big club."

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