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And the Olive Represents the Electoral College

Elsewhere, Toby comes out to ask Ginger where the HUD Secretary is. Ginger just casually tells him that the Secretary's scheduler called her back and said that he can't meet with Toby until tomorrow afternoon. Has she forgotten that this is Toby she's dealing with? Ginger's just a bit slow this evening. I wonder why. Toby orders her to get in touch with the Secretary again and tell him to be in Toby's office in thirty minutes to discuss moving his noon announcement tomorrow to the White House briefing room, "because [they] have more TV cameras." Ginger is confused by that last part. Toby goes on to explain that the HUD Secretary is a big camera whore and that should bring him running.

Josh stops by in his office to find Donna there at his desk. She tells him that Mrs. Marillo checks out fine. She repeats the names of some other silly proclamations presidents have made and continues to mock General Pulaski Day. Josh tells her that, yes, he's sure Mrs. Marillo is a lovely, wonderful teacher, but she's no more worthy than the other schoolteachers retiring this year. Donna points out that they don't have former students working at the White House. Josh points out that it's those types of situations that get them into trouble. Donna finally concedes that Josh is right, but she looks disappointed.

Josh heads off and encounters Sam, who is returning from his meeting with Hoynes. Sam tells Josh that Hoynes agreed to take his name off the bill. Josh tells Sam that their meeting is almost done. Sam asks if Josh will tell him what the meeting is about now. Josh finally tells Sam that they're discussing possibly replacing Hoynes. Sam is shocked. Josh explains the details about electoral math. Sam asks if he was "sent away" to deal with Hoynes while they discussed this without him. Josh insists that he wasn't. I'm trying to recall a reason why they would be on eggshells around Sam regarding Hoynes and can't think of anything, so I guess not. Sam asks if they are actually discussing names. Josh says, "Fitzwallace, Leo, and Ulysses S. Grant." Before Sam goes into the meeting, he feels the need to tell Josh that he didn't have to fight with Hoynes about taking his name off the bill. Once he found out it was what the committee wanted, Hoynes agreed to it.

Leo is sitting at the desk, talking on the phone. Margaret comes in to tell him that VPOTUS has arrived. He asks her to send Hoynes in, and tell her that she can go home. She says, "I go home when you go home." Aww. She waves Hoynes in and leaves the two of them alone in the office. Leo thanks Hoynes for being amenable to the committee to get the internet bill passed. Hoynes is disappointed that, now that he's taken his name off, they can't campaign on it. Sure, they could. The original drafts of the bill would still have Hoynes's name on it, and I'm sure his name was mentioned in relation to any media coverage of it over the past five years. The Republicans couldn't respond by accusing him of lying or anything. Leo invites Hoynes to take a seat so that he can get to the real reason why he's called him in. "I'm in a bind," Leo begins, "and I think you know what it is." Hoynes pleads ignorance. Leo explains that he has made his oath to maintain the anonymity of the AA meetings, but says that he has "a responsibility to the president, and in fact, to the country." Hoynes is still lost. Leo tells Hoynes that he has to tell the president that Hoynes is an alcoholic. Hoynes is shocked, but not for the expected reasons: "Are you telling me he doesn't know?" Leo: "How would he know?" Hoynes: "You didn't tell him?" Leo: "Of course, I didn't tell him." Hoynes is just stunned. He had always assumed that Leo had told POTUS. You can practically see Hoynes thinking back to previous exchanges where Bartlet offered him a drink or whatever and assuming that Jed was being a prick. Hoynes tells Leo that they should go "see the boss" immediately. Leo nods in agreement.

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