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And the Olive Represents the Electoral College

We cut back to the meeting, where Hoynes has just revealed to the rest of the staff that he's an alcoholic. C.J. jokes that Grant would have slapped Hoynes's face for giving up booze at twenty-two. Hoynes jokes that Grant actually did, once. Josh worries what might happen if Hoynes's alcoholism becomes public knowledge, given that they're still dealing with the "truth issue" regarding the president's MS. Leo says that's something they'll need to discuss further, but tells them that POTUS has vetoed any plan to replace Hoynes. He pulls out the piece of paper explaining why and passes it to Josh. Josh reads it aloud: "Because I could die." Aww. If Bartlet dies, he wants to leave the country to Hoynes. Hoynes admits that none of this solves the electoral votes problem. He suggests that things might shake up a bit after Labor Day, but until then, it's going to be tough. He tells them that they may think Ritchie's a punch line of a candidate, but he disagrees. Hoynes thinks Republicans have picked the perfect candidate to run against them. Sam says, "Am I really the only one thinks that a giant sumo wrestler in a hockey goal might get the job done?" Wha? Josh says, "I don't know. I'm open to new ideas." Well, maybe they're going to have Hoynes gain five hundred pounds and then go sit on Ritchie.

And we're in reruns for the next few weeks. Deborah will be back when the show returns, but if you can't wait, catch her writing the new recaps of Trading Spaces she'll be doing along with the lovely Kim.

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