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And the Olive Represents the Electoral College

Having successfully placed the sumo wrestler in Act I so that it can go off in Act IV, the men get down to business. Josh has called Sam in about the "Internet Education Act," which is going before the Health, Education, and Welfare Committee tomorrow. Josh explains that the committee is going to eliminate the "Technology Challenge Fund." Sam points out that VPOTUS was behind that fund. Josh was still working for Hoynes when Hoynes created it. Hoynes doesn't know about the bad news yet, and Josh wants Sam to explain it to Hoynes. Sam wonders why they want him to do it. Josh tells Sam that neither Josh nor Leo has the best relationship with Hoynes these days. Sam asks whether Hoynes is going to be miffed to hear the bad news about his fund coming from the Deputy Communications Director. Josh clarifies that he actually wants Sam to help Hoynes save the fund. Sam agrees to meet with VPOTUS in twenty minutes, but asks about some meeting that Josh has planned for the evening. Josh tells him that he can come in on the meeting late, and that he'll find out what it's about when he gets there.

Sam heads off, and Josh wanders over to Donna because he can't find some folders. He says that one of them contains "launch codes," and I hope he's joking, but it doesn't sound like it. Donna simply tells him that they'll "turn up." He's asks for a few other things, and Donna tells him she'll get right on that, but she would like a favor in return. Her twelfth-grade English teacher, one Molly Marillo, was one of "those teachers," and is retiring. This sends Josh careening down memory lane about "Mr. Feig," his AP American History teacher. For me it was Mrs. McCarthy, my tenth-grade World History teacher, who taught the subject as though she were some sort of gossip columnist. Donna interrupts both Josh and myself to remind us that we're talking about her now. Oh, fine. Josh gives her a hurt look, so Donna lets him continue. Josh concludes by pointing out that Mr. Feig meant the world to him and died four years ago. Now that Donna's done pretending to care, she moves on to the actual favor request. Molly Marillo is retiring and Donna is hoping to get a presidential proclamation on her behalf. Donna insists that it would just be a "little thing," but Josh points out that these proclamations are important have the force of law or something and uses the Emancipation Proclamation as an example. I doubt the South will secede over Molly Marillo Day, though that dumb jock she flunked might. They argue some more, until Josh admits that he doesn't have a clue how these proclamations work. Donna offers to find out what's involved and get back to him. Josh agrees, and they split off.

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