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And the Olive Represents the Electoral College

Sam stops by Toby's office before heading off to his meeting with VPOTUS. Sam tells Toby that some standardized test scores have been released, and they show that America's kids have improved over the previous year. Toby sarcastically asks, "So instead of trailing eighteen third-world countries in reading and math, we trail how many?" Sam points out that the numbers are up, and that's the important thing. He thinks the Education Secretary should make an announcement tomorrow and get it out on the news. Toby says that they have several other media events planned. They argue for a little bit until Toby agrees to take a look at the schedule and see if they can't squeeze it in. Sam heads off for his meeting. Toby comes out of his office to tell Ginger that he needs to know what the Cabinet is doing tomorrow. Ginger simply nods at him and goes back to work, not realizing that Toby meant "right now." After some prodding, Ginger looks over a clipboard and reads tomorrow's events. Toby stops her when she gets to an event at noon from the HUD Secretary about home-ownership loans. Toby looks confused for a moment, and then seems to figure it out. He tells Ginger to page the HUD Secretary and tell him that Toby wants to see him in his office. Ginger: "When?" Toby: "Look at my face." Ginger: "You always look slightly pissed like that, except when you were drooling over the Poet Laureate." Well, no, she doesn't say that. She realizes that Toby means now and picks up a phone to page the HUD Secretary. Toby heads off to that mysterious "meeting."

Elsewhere, Jed is sitting at Charlie's computer while Charlie paces behind him. Jed has apparently offered to help Charlie file his taxes online. I was hoping that this storyline would end up with Bartlet screwing up Charlie's forms to show us all that, just because the guy has a Nobel Prize in Economics, that doesn't mean he understands those forms any better than the rest of us do. Anyway, Jed sticks in figures representing the Social Security and pension benefits Charlie and his sister get from their mom's death. Charlie is caught up wondering whether he should take the standardized deductions or itemizing. You know what's more boring than watching a scene about filing taxes? Recapping a scene about filing taxes. It turns out that Charlie has donated more than $1,300 to charitable causes, even though he grosses only $35,000. Aww. How can you not love Charlie? Jed calculates that Charlie is better off with the standard deduction. So they finish with the figures, and both of them have calculated that Charlie will get a refund of $700. Jed asks Charlie what he's going to do with the money. Charlie explains that he's getting a DVD player with MP3 playback and a good DVD from an auction on eBay. Jed asks if it's Yeomen of the Guard. Uh, no. It's On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Jed goes on this long rant about why James Bond was a wimp when it came to his booze: "Shaken not stirred would get you cold water with a dash of gin and dry vermouth. The reason you stir it with a special spoon is so as not to chip the ice. James is ordering a weak martini and being snooty about it." Thanks for the newsflash, President Know-It-All, but as some posters have pointed out, James Bond orders vodka in his martinis, not gin. And you're supposed to shake vodka martinis for reasons that I couldn't possibly care about. My favorite mixed drinks are generally poured out of a blender. ["If you're talking about Jamba Juice, I'm right there with you. (But really, I know you aren't.)" -- Wing Chun]

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