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And the Olive Represents the Electoral College

Anyway, Charlie's figures come back, and they're not what either of them expected. Rather than getting a $700 refund, Charlie actually owes $400. Jed wants Charlie to pay up now, but Charlie wants to check the numbers and figure out what happened. Just then, C.J. comes in and says she needs to talk to POTUS. He heads off to talk to C.J. in the Oval Office, but calls over two Secret Service agents to "help Charlie find his pockets." They stand menacingly in front of Charlie's desk. Heh. Who says Secret Service agents don't have a sense of humor? Charlie insists to them that there has been a mistake.

C.J. apologizes for coming straight to POTUS, but explains that Leo was unavailable. She tells him that he'll be getting a phone call soon from the Energy Secretary. C.J. explains that the wire services are reporting that "a heavy-haul vehicle carrying 'depleted uranium fuel rods' crashed in the Seven Devils Mountains in Idaho." Well, the wire service is wrong. Fuel rods aren't made of "depleted uranium." Although I'm sure the inaccuracy is likely unintentional on the part of the show's writers, it isn't much of a surprise that a wire service got little details like that wrong. Wire services frequently do, and end up updating the stories as they get more information. And I can't imagine that C.J. would know the difference unless somebody explained it to her. Bartlet's shocked. C.J. continues that it was hit head-on by another large truck in the middle of a tunnel. The town of Elk Horn is nearby, with a population of 20,000. Charlie comes in to tell POTUS that the Energy Secretary is on the phone. ["Man, this episode is Secretary-licious! I predict a spin-off -- The Cabinet -- for fall 2003." -- Wing Chun] POTUS tells Charlie to conference in the chief of the radiological assistance team, Fitzwallace, Nancy McNally, and some other bigwigs.

C.J. leaves the president behind to deal with that crisis, and walks into the conference room, where Toby, Josh, Leo, and others are waiting. She tells them all about the accident. Ed or Larry comes in to fill in more details: the rods being transported came from the battleship Truman. Larry or Ed is sitting at the conference table and asks if that means anything. Did Ed or Larry and Larry or Ed break up? They used to be so close. Ed or Larry explains that, essentially, a really big truck hit another really big truck. Toby gloms on to the reference to national security. C.J. points out that a huge truck crashing into another huge truck in a completely deserted area is a bit suspicious, and that they're going to want to look into that. Josh stands up and suggests that they postpone the meeting because it doesn't seem "appropriate" right now. Toby overrules him. Josh explains that he has consulted with Bruno and Doug, and based on their electoral math, they believe that it's worth exploring the possibility of replacing Hoynes on the ticket. Everybody looks slightly shocked. ["Because they hadn't seen Bruno or Doug in so long, they assumed Doug and Bruno were fired, or dead?" -- Wing Chun]

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