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And the Olive Represents the Electoral College

We cut to VPOTUS's office, where Hoynes is just arriving to meet with Sam. Hoynes asks Sam about the hockey game. Sam says he didn't find it very enjoyable. Sorkin must have found some dialogue from Sports Night sitting around that he never had the chance to use, so Hoynes gives an amusing tirade about how Americans like to "savor" the tension in sports like baseball, but in hockey, things happen too quickly. He mimics an announcer: "LePetier passes to Huckenchuck, who skates past the blue line; Huckenchuck, of course was traded to Winnipeg for a case of Labatt's after sitting out last season -- oh my god, he scores!" I don't know. I'm not much of a sports fan, but I watched Olympic hockey, and there certainly was plenty of tension to savor on the ice. Whereas I've attended baseball games and was bored out of my skull. Now I'm glad Sars isn't editing this recap. Baseball sucks! Bwa ha ha ha! Anyway, they finally get down to business. Sam tells Hoynes the bad news about the Internet Challenge Fund, adding that he's there to help Hoynes save it. Hoynes rattles off statistics about the huge numbers of poor and minority people who don't have internet access, and wants to make some calls. Sam tells Hoynes that the problem is the committee's chairman. Hoynes attacked the chairman over an issue, and he bears a grudge. Hoynes points out that the administration asked him to attack the chairman. Sam is aware of this. Hoynes says that Sam's going to help Hoynes get this taken care of. Sam agrees.

Back in the conference room, the others are looking over a file about Fitzwallace. Larry or Ed points out that Fitzwallace could bring out the African-American vote in the South, and Ed or Larry points out that it puts some southern states back on the table. Larry and Ed are sitting next to each other again and finishing each other's sentences! They must have made up between scenes. Toby asks whether anybody even knows if Fitzwallace is a Democrat. Ed or Larry points out that the Republicans wouldn't dare criticize Fitzwallace. Josh agrees that black turnout would explode for the election. C.J. observes that they're assuming it'll stay a two-man race. Josh asks who would get into the race this late. C.J. looks at Josh like he's an idiot. She really does. Then she looks at Toby, who explains to Josh that Hoynes could run as a third-party candidate. Josh thinks the idea would be ridiculous. He explains that Hoynes practically has corporate sponsorship (he calls him "The Tostitos Vice-president"), and finds it unlikely that he'd lead an independent movement. C.J. points out that Hoynes has a solid base of conservative Democrats and independents. Josh points out that Hoynes still couldn't win an election. C.J. points out that the problem is that Bartlet would lose, too, and Ritchie would take the presidency. Does that sound familiar? Except Ralph Nader pulled away most of the far-lefties from the Democrats, such as...uh...me. And don't go sending me hate mail saying that my vote cost Gore the election unless you're prepared for me to send you email back saying that your vote cost Nader the election. Josh points out that Hoynes is a pragmatist, and that if he ran as a third candidate, he'd be the craziest VPOTUS since Aaron Burr: "And Burr shot a guy." C.J. shrugs. Josh brings up Fitzwallace again as we fade into the commercials. I'm surprised nobody is expressing concern over the way the public might perceive a decision to change the VPOTUS so soon after they just fought a battle to convince everybody that despite the president's illness, he's fit enough for a second term. And also, the Republicans are going to see right through this, and though they might not criticize Fitzwallace, I'm sure they'd have no difficulties raking Bartlet and the administration across the coals for making such a transparent political decision.

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