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Toby and Karen are at the bar in a nice restaurant. There's mellow piano music playing in the background. She's trying to convince him to either take or buy some fifty-yard-line football tickets she's got. Toby's declining, so consumed he must be with guilt. In case you're wondering, and I don't doubt that you are, my hair looks more or less like Karen's, except I'm not blonde. He tells her she can't have the job. He tells her about the Senate-confirmable problem. He assures her they'll find her something. She says he doesn't have to do that. Toby: "Can't be Museum Studies. God forbid the Senate falls out of the mix on that." Karen laughs, and says she's made a lot of enemies on the Hill and they don't owe her. Toby insists that they do, explaining that it was his call to go ahead with the gasoline-tax hike, knowing it was a loser and pushing for it anyway. She says it doesn't make any difference. You know, these two have quite a lot of chemistry together, and I don't know if it's just Richard Schiff's natural irresistibility or what, but I bet anyone who'd never seen the show before would think these two were an item based on this scene. Back off, lady. And you too, Ziegler. You've got twins on the way. Parsifal and Ragnarok. She says, "I came out for a gas tax, because someone from Michigan had to. Gas prices are too low. It's why the air's polluted. It's why no one wants alternative fuels." Toby: "And clearly, that argument took the nation by storm." She laughs and says, "In my religion, the whole symbol of the religion ended in crucifixion and condemnation." That's a pretty humble analogy. "That wasn't a measure of the experience. It's just the way it ended." Toby gives her a cute, sheepish look and says, "Yeah, but I'm the Romans." Karen insists, "It's in the living. It's in the campaigning that you make your mark. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose." She's awfully philosophical. Toby seems pretty enamoured of her equanimity. Karen adds, "You have until the end of the day on those tickets, by the way." She smiles warmly. Toby takes a drink. Yo, Andi! Now would be a good time to page Toby. I'm just saying.

Sam returns to the West Wing, running into Bonnie as he arrives. She welcomes him back and congratulates him. He says, "Okay," and heads for his office. He asks if she knows whether POTUS is still in his office; she says he is. He sets his bag on the chair inside his door. His desk is super-tidy. And he has a Newton's cradle, too; I don't remember that being there. As he takes off his coat, he very briefly looks around his office, packing a whole lot of "last glance" emotion into about two seconds. I could be projecting a little here, because of course I wish he wasn't going, although I'm not livid about it or anything. Still, I say there was a lot in that glance. If nothing else, Rob Lowe has proved on this show that he can make a lot out of a little. He heads to the Oval Office.

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