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Josh comes into his office, followed by Donna, who's wearing an argyle-patterned turtleneck sweater in shades of dark grey, light grey, and pale pink. Her hair is swept up in an artfully casual way. Apparently, some folks hated this sweater, but it didn't bother me. Josh asks for messages. There's one from AP and one from Judy Vanderbass, the wife of the U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam. Donna says that Josh has been to her house for dinner. Josh: "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I ate a Springer Spaniel." Oh, hardy HAR! A joke about Asians eating dogs. Because eating cows and pigs instead is so morally superior. Man, those disgusting slanty-eyed bastards will eat anything. Toby appears at the door, and Josh acknowledges him with a chin gesture. He asks why AP is on his phone sheet. Toby says it's because Triplehorn told them that Josh is the reason there won't be a deal on prescription drugs. Josh: "I'm the reason?" Toby reads, "'With Lyman negotiating...'" Josh slams something down on his desk and says he's starting to feel ill will toward the minority leader. Toby: "And I've had it up to here with the Welsh." Must have been his traumatic sperm donation experiences. Josh isn't kidding: "He was campaigning with us, like, a half-hour ago." Toby says school's back, and Josh should go see him. Josh wants Toby to go see him. Toby has to deal with Karen Croft. Josh, grabbing his jacket: "And National Parks screw me up again." Josh tells Donna as he walks out that he's going to the Leader's office, and asks her to get him the first three minutes she can. Donna reminds him about Judy Vanderbass. Josh suggests that Donna find out what her problem is, solve it, and then do something else. Donna: "You're the reason there are term limits." Josh tries to think of something snarky to say back to her, but fails. Weak.

Toby walks over to his office and gestures Karen Croft (Lucinda Jenney, a definite HITG!) into his office. Jenney and Richard Schiff were both in Grace of My Heart, for those of you playing Six Degrees at home, though I can't remember if they had any scenes together. Good film, by the way. Toby asks Karen how she is. She insists she's fine. She sits down saying, "The view from the canvas, it's...educational, you know?" It takes me a moment, but I get the sports reference. I wonder what it's like to see the entire world through the lens of sports and sports metaphors. I'm one of those people who doesn't even like it when things like politics or international affairs are referred to as "games." Toby: "Yeah, I've had extensive education." She sighs. It turns out she lost by 127 votes. Ouch. She says, "that's about twelve lawn signs." Toby: "Wasn't your last election also..." Karen: "Eighty-two votes." Toby: "The President says all you need is one; the rest are for ego." He sits down next to her. Karen: "Uh huh. And how many did the President win by?" Toby says it was about three and a half million: "He's got a pretty healthy ego, though." I'll say. Karen: "I don't know, maybe the job wasn't for me. I like land, I like dirt...I like things that live on land...and dirt." Toby: "I like hotels. I like a good concierge." Karen: "Could you be a little more sympathetic? I'm a loser." Toby: "Not a big one." She says okay. Toby tells her POTUS thinks there's a place for her. She says, "That's nice of you guys. It really is." She says it in a way that sounds more sarcastic than I think she means it. Turns out she was thinking of trying for a job with the National Parks Service. Toby laughs softly and says they were thinking the same thing. She wants to know what the job is. He says, "The Director of the National Parks Service." She laughs in a way that seems somewhat snide and says, "Are you kidding me?" Toby's acting sort of coy and flirtatious. He says he's not kidding. She asks, "Is this just because..." Toby: "Do you want it?" She says she does. He tells to get herself a big hat, and says Leo will call her. He walks out, leaving her in his office staring after him.

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