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Carol and C.J. are pedeconferencing about the press briefing when Toby comes up and says, "All's well that ends well." C.J. figures out he's talking about Karen Croft as National Parks Chairman. C.J. mentions that she thinks Andi's going to get sued for election fraud. Toby says Andi was trying to get sued. C.J.: "Really?" Toby: "Yeah, she's a pistol." He splits, and C.J. and Carol keep going.

C.J. announces the names of the first three reporters who are having tea with the President at 3. They couldn't care less; they all want to know who's running Sam's campaign. She says he's putting his team together, and she'll be starting to refer those questions to the campaign's press office.

In California, Sam is approached by reporters as he and Will and Elsie leave the Orange County Municipal Building. One asks him how it feels to have the nomination. Sam says, "There is no nomination. There's a primary, and if someone gets 50% of the vote, there's no general." A reporter points out no other Democrats are running, and the party's endorsing Sam. The reporter gets Sam to agree that he's the nominee. Another reporter asks whether he's filled the key positions on his staff yet. Sam refers them to Will, who says the Campaign Manager is Scott Holcomb, Finance Manager is Betsy Wadkins, and Communications Director is Mark Stern. Sam interrupts Will and asks to speak to him for a second. Will agrees, adding to the reporters that Tom Baker is the Political Director, and the Volunteer Coordinator is Paula Montgomery.

Sam and Will walk a reasonable distance away. Elsie follows. Sam isn't too jazzed to hear that Scott is his campaign manager: "What's your title?" Will: "Citizen Bailey." Sam: "I'm not kidding." Will: "I'm the Chancellor of Germany." Sam's really not in the mood to fool around. I guess he just assumed Will would be at his side. I guess no one's told him Will's going to have to go to the White House and replace him. He's the new Robin to Toby's Batman! Robin II! Or something. Sam wants to know what's going on. As does Elsie, who keeps chirping away at his side. I'm sorry, I didn't think that much of Danica McKellar on The Wonder Years; I thought she got by on her looks and her youth. She's still got looks, but she's really out of her league acting-wise here. Speaking of looks, Rob Lowe looks very cute in this scene -- enough for me to overlook the hair. Will gives Elsie a look and says they already had this conversation for two hours yesterday: "What do you think you're doing?" She doesn't think Will should go. Will says she made that clear yesterday. She simpers, "And I'm doing this now." Will tells Sam there are too many chiefs around here. Sam says he'll get rid of some of them. Will insists they're the best and Sam wants them. Elsie: "He doesn't want the best. He wants you." McKellar cannot do Sorkinese. Or even writers aping Sorkinese. She's too childish and not dry enough. Please, a one-way ticket to Mandyville (is there any other kind?) for Elsie. Will says, "The Republicans are starting their starters, so you gotta match up." Sam says they match up fine, and that Will got him into this. Will: "Well, you got you into this. But I owe you the best possible chance to win, and I owe that to Mr. Wilde." Elsie: "That's ridiculous. Tell him that's ridiculous." Will says he took on this race to show the DNC that no district should be ignored. Sam asks what Will's going to do. Will says he's going to stick around for a week, help out, and thank some people. Then he's going to take a vacation. He's going to need to rest up before he goes to Washington replace Sam. Sam: "Where?" He says it in a weird tone of voice, like he can't imagine where on earth would be a better place to be than running another campaign in Newport Beach right after a very tense and exhausting one. Will says, "France, Italy...Wales...maybe EPCOT." Sam gives up and says he's got to go back to Washington. I'm thinking if Sorkin wrote this one, Sam would have had something pithier to say here, but whatever. Sam walks to his rental car as Will and Elsie wish him a good trip. Elsie turns to Will: "EPCOT?" Will says he was kidding. Elsie snipes, "Ah. Didn't know." She tears off in annoyance.

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