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Take Out The Trash Day

The show starts as C.J. tells the press corps, "There will be fifteen PEN recipients; the President will sign the bill with fifteen pens." Ace reporter Fishboy asks, "'Josiah Bartlet' has thirteen letters in it; how's the President going to use fifteen pens?" I just want to know how he's going to sign anything if he's switching pens for every letter. Sounds more like printing to me. C.J. makes fun of Fishboy, who claims, "My readers expect a little bit more." Which is why they subscribe to your competitors' paper, dude. C.J. looks through her notes and is eventually able to report that the Prez will use the extra pens to dot the "I" and cross the "T"s. Then she calls him "Freakboy," which is pretty close to "Fishboy." Moving on, C.J. announces that the parents of Lowell Lydell, who was killed by gay-bashers, will be present to watch the Prez sign his new Hate Crimes bill. Mandy steps up to the window to watch this part more closely. A reporter asks if the Lydells are still expected to attend, since "there's a rumor that the Lydells aren't big supporters of the President." C.J. says she's heard the same rumor, and it's ridiculous because "the President is signing Hate Crimes legislation. Jonathan and Jennifer Lydell's son was killed for being gay." Other reporters chime in to say they've heard the rumor too. So? That's kind of why they're called rumors; lots of people hear them.

After the press conference, Mandy goes to harass C.J. "I wish you hadn't done that," Mandy says. When C.J. asks what she's talking about, Mandy clarifies, "Guaranteed the Lydells." C.J. snaps, "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought that you all intentionally kept me ignorant of new developments so that I could mislead the press more effectively. Do you mean I should be completely honest with the press? Maybe I'll start by telling them that the only difference between the White House staff and a pack of baboons is that the baboons have better wardrobes!" No, she doesn't say that, but I bet she thought it. Instead, C.J. asks if the Lydells are coming, and Mandy says, "They are coming, I'm just not sure we're going to want them there." Mandy explains that she flew to St. Paul to visit the Lydells and that the mother is fine, but that the father "doesn't say much." C.J. snaps, "Their son was just murdered, Mandy. Did you want him to wear a campaign button?" Mandy answers, "I do at the bill signing." C.J. asks, "Are you listening to yourself?" If she did, she'd probably realize how annoying she is. Mandy says that the Lydells will be arriving in the morning, and that C.J. should meet with them. C.J. asks if she's supposed to audition the Lydells. Mandy answers, "Yes. And I'd also like you to cut me some slack." Since C.J. has her back to the camera, we can't see her roll her eyes.

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