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C.J., meanwhile, is in her office, screwing up her budding relationship with Ben some more. As he stands there looking confused, she tells him that she "can't do this," and when he asks what, she goes on about how she doesn't want to act like because she's going on a trip, they have to make a big deal about how much they're going to miss each other. She's a real peach, that C.J., if you think it's peachy to treat your semi-boyfriend like he's always acting out of the most fuzzyheaded motivation you can think of at the time. She tells him that she's so busy that she "can't need to see [him] every thirty-seven seconds to achieve completion as a human being." Wow. I didn't hear him suggest that, but perhaps she has better ears than I do and understands the double-secret dialogue. She asks whether they're clear, and he says yes, but he has something to say. She finally lets him talk, and he hands over her passport, saying that she left it at his house. So he didn't so much come to fawn over her departure as to give her her travel documents. She left her wallet, containing her driver's license, too. "Have a safe flight," he says with a little smile, and turns to go. "Are you...?" she starts to say as he's leaving. She starts again, telling him about a place she knows of and asking him if he's interested in having lunch. I think the word she was looking for there was "sorry," but she sure didn't find it. She usually doesn't.

Josh starts to stop next to Donna's desk to talk to her, but Ed and Larry distract him by calling him over. They break the news that the India thing is killing them with the Democrats. They also go on about how the farmers in Brussels are wigging out some more, and Josh -- who, looking past them to Donna's desk, has suddenly seen the light, since his "straw hat" and "bale of hay" comments of this morning -- snaps at them that they shouldn't make fun of the farmers who are "just trying to scratch out a living." He gets up and walks over to Donna. "This no-talking thing isn't working for me," he says. "You have a three o'clock, I need to brief you, and they won't leave your office," she says with resignation in her voice. She says she "tried to move them; do you want to call Secret Service?" She swallows and mutters this line so much that it took me about six tries to get it down, by the way, so...there's the update on that problem. Josh says no, the Secret Service won't be necessary. Donna goes back to the issue of her own job, saying that all she wants is to find a way to do something meaningful. As they walk, she tries to tell him about this concern, and Josh, being the insensitive prick that he is, tells her that they should go back to not talking, so unconcerned is he about how she feels about this or anything else. I swear, if she's still hot for him after the dismissive, rude, cold, obnoxious way he regularly treats her, she's got a pathology and ought to seek professional help. At the very least, she should get a different boss who is capable of supporting her professionally without becoming bogged down in his own petty troubles and his need to remind her constantly of how unimportant she is.

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