West Wing
The American President, Part I

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"Dig it, Ms. Wade: You're the President's Girlfriend!"
Sydney arrives at the White House. In the Oval Office, Robin and Lewis are discussing the crime bill, but the subject quickly changes to Sydney. Robin wants to know how POTUS wants her to handle "the Sydney issue." Shepherd seems slightly surprised to be asked. Lewis thinks they should have a consensus on how the White House is going to handle it. Shepherd says, "Well, I certainly hope 'the Sydney issue' refers in some way to a problem we're having with Australia, because if it's anything other than that..." Janie sticks her head in to say that Sydney's there. Shepherd says she can come in, and tells Lewis and Robin that there is no Sydney issue. Lewis and Robin leave, greeting Sydney as they go. Sydney thanks the Prez for seeing her on such short notice, and he asks whether she got the ham. Sydney laughs and thanks him for it. He says, "I wanted to send you flowers, but there appear to be some kinks in the system. I'm so glad you stopped by. I had such a good time last night." As Sydney's saying she did too, Janie busts in and reminds him that someone is forty-five seconds away; Janie gathers some stuff up off Shepherd's desk and leaves as he and Sydney continue talking. He's got to give a speech very soon; she's trying to say something, but before she can, he asks whether she's free for dinner tomorrow night. He suggests something casual in the Residence with his daughter, but without the United Nations. Sydney says that she'd love to meet Lucy, but before she can say more about her concerns, Shepherd has to respond to a note an aide has handed him. He tells Jeff, the aide, that he "can't do this." Jeff wants to know which one: Robbins or Stackhouse? Shepherd says he can't do either; Jeff says that Governor Stackhouse only needed ten minutes, probably to talk about assault weapons. POTUS says that Stackhouse wants to talk about grazing rights. Jeff's got it and leaves. Shepherd turns back to Sydney. She says she has one concern. Shepherd asks, "This wouldn't have to do with the fact that one of us is the President?" She laughs and observes that he likes to make jokes about it. He claims he's "just a guy asking a girl over for a meal." Suddenly there's a helicopter outside the Office, and Sydney wonders what that is. He says, "That's my ride." Janie comes in to help Shepherd on with his coat. Sydney explains, "Leo Solomon has some serious concerns about my exploring a social, uh, you know, scenario, with the President of the United States." He replies, "Yeah, well, when you put it that way, it doesn't sound that great to me either. Have dinner with Lucy and me. It's meat loaf night. I mean, how Presidential can it be?" She acquiesces. He takes off.

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