West Wing
The American President, Part II

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"A Medium-Sized Nightmare"
When we left off, President Shepherd had just given the order to bomb Libyan Intelligence Headquarters. In the Oval Office, POTUS is meeting with Robin, A.J., Lewis, Leon, and some aides. Robin asks, "Sir, what do you think about a national address?" Shepherd: "The last thing I want to do is put the Libyans center stage." Leon thinks it's an excellent idea, especially since Rumson will be riding Shepherd for his lack of military service. POTUS doesn't like the idea that what he did tonight could be used for political gain. Leon persists: "But it can be, sir. What you did tonight was very presidential." POTUS, obviously distressed, says: "Leon, somewhere in Libya right now a janitor's working the night shift at the Libyan Intelligence Headquarters. He's going about doing his job 'cause he has no idea in about an hour he's gonna die in a massive explosion. He's just going about his job 'cause he has no idea that about an hour ago I gave an order to have him killed. You've just seen me do the least presidential thing I do." POTUS is in the Briefing Room fielding questions. In response to a question, he explains why there's no way the C-STAD weapons system could have been mistaken by Libyan Intelligence as offensive rather than defensive. Another reporter asks POTUS whether it's true that he was with Sydney Wade when he learned of the attack. A.J. tells Robin, "Get him off." POTUS says, "Yes, we'd just finished dinner." Robin firmly says, "Last question." Another reporter asks POTUS to comment on the status of his relationship with Sydney. POTUS replies, "We don't have a relationship. We just had dinner." Another one asks, "Can you tell us if she spent the night at the White House or..." POTUS says, "Folks, a lot of people were killed last night. Let's try to keep our eye on the ball, okay? Thank you." As Shepherd leaves, ignoring the reporters trying to get his attention, Robin apologizes for not prepping him for that. Shepherd says, "There's nothing that needs prepping. A.J., let's meet with the leadership after we meet with the Security Council." Robin tells Shepherd that Newsweek is begging for ten minutes today. He says, "Nobody gets ten minutes today." POTUS is in his private office, talking to Lewis on the phone. He asks Lewis to tell the speaker to wait because he wants to talk to him. On a television, Bob Rumson is saying, "Last night, the cost of his liberal programs was raised to include the blood of twenty-two American soldiers. Now, Mr. Shepherd's read a lot of books, but it doesn't take a Harvard degree to see this comin' a mile down the road." POTUS tells the TV, "I went to Stanford, you blowhole." Rumson continues, "The fact that our Commander-in-Chief has not served one day in uniform..." POTUS turns the TV off.

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