West Wing
The American President, Part II

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"A Medium-Sized Nightmare"
Outside Sydney's apartment at night, there's the usual swarm of reporters and security. Inside, Sydney and Andy are eating dinner. He pronounces it delicious and asks whether there's more. She says she didn't think he liked it. He did, but admits it's not for him: it's for the agent who checked the food for him. Andy said he'd bring him some if he could. Sydney challenges, "You didn't like it." He claims he loved it. She accuses him of lying and says she can tell when he's not being completely forthcoming: "You do a thing with your face." He wants to know when she's ever see him do a thing with his face. She says it was two days before they met: "You gave a speech for the Daughters of the American Revolution. I was there." He only vaguely remembers the speech. Sydney reminds him: "'Americans can no longer afford to pretend that they live in a great society.'" Now he remembers. Sydney asks, "There was supposed to be something after that, wasn't there?" Andy: "How did you know that?" Sydney says, "I told you. The face." She pours him a drink, and they clink their glasses. After tasting the alcohol, he says, "Oh, wow...what's the occasion?" She proudly says, "You're looking at a lady who's two votes shy of the promised land." Andy's surprised. She says she got Pennybaker, which got her Cass and Zimmer. Andy says that's great. Sydney says she knows she's not there yet, but he tells her she has every reason to be proud of herself. She replies, "I'll be proud when I see you sign the bill." He makes his weird face. She calls him on it. At the White House, Robin comes up to Leon and asks, "How're the numbers?" He says they're bad. She wants to know how bad. He replies, "Forty-one. Character, across the board." Lewis is yelling at someone named George on the phone in the background. Robin wonders who Lewis is talking to; Leon says, "Jarrett. He's trying to keep his fingers in the dam." Lewis snarls, "You're supposed to be a United States Congressman, for the love of Christ!" He pauses. "But we're not gonna stay at forty-one. The numbers are gonna go back up." He keep struggling to get a word in and make his point, but the Congressman isn't interested. Lewis finally says, "All right, George, can I tell you something? We're gonna win this thing. We're gonna get the votes we need and we're gonna win this thing. And you know what I'm going to do after that -- I mean that very night -- I'm gonna go to Sam & Harry's, I'm gonna order a big steak, and I'm gonna make a list of everybody who tried to fuck us this week!" He bangs the desk. Robin hisses at him "Lewis!" Lewis isn't finished, "Yeah, well, just vote your conscience, you chicken-shit lame-ass!" Yikes. He slams the phone down and tells Robin and Leon: "We lost Jarrett." Leon calmly says, "I hope so. 'Cause, you know, if that was an 'undecided,' then we need to work on our people skills." Lewis is on the horn again, telling someone named Karen to find Congressman Quincy for him right away.

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