West Wing
The American President, Part II

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"A Medium-Sized Nightmare"
Shepherd leaves the room with purposeful strides; everyone, of course, is clamoring. Leon, Lewis, and A.J. follow Shepherd out, A.J. remarking, "Well, you don't see that every day of the week." Lewis says, "He's got the whole White House Press Corps asking each other how to spell 'erudite.'" That's just bad on so many levels. A.J. tells Lewis he had better call the printer. Lewis knows: "We gotta rewrite the State of the Union." A.J.: "Every word, kid. It's a whole new ball game. You have exactly thirty-five minutes." Lewis: "Oh, good. I thought I was gonna be rushed." They hurry off. Shepherd is on his phone in the Oval Office: "I don't want a limousine. I don't want an escort. I want a plain, ordinary, non-bulletproof automobile....Well, somebody around here must have a Chevy I can borrow....Well, find one and have it outside the West Wing entrance in five minutes." A.J. comes in and asks, "Where are you going?" POTUS says, "I'm going to her house. I'm gonna stand at her front door till she lets me in. And I'm not leaving till I get her back." A.J. wonders how Shepherd thinks he's going to do that. Shepherd: "Well, I haven't worked that out yet. But I'm sure groveling will be involved." A.J. inquires, "You're just gonna drive over?" He replies, buttoning his coat: "A.J., I'm Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful army in the world. You don't think I can drive ten blocks?" From offscreen, we hear Sydney's voice: "Just stay away from Dupont Circle. I hear it's murder this time of day." She's wearing a hooded sweatshirt under a winter jacket. She and Andy just stare at each other. Sydney greets A.J. He responds, and says, "If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Roosevelt Room, giving Lewis oxygen." He leaves. She says, "I heard your speech. I was in my car, and it just kind of steered its way over here." She's all teary. Andy says he's glad. He and Sydney start walking toward each other. He tells her he's not sending 455 to the floor to get her back. She says, "I didn't come back 'cause you decided to send 455 to the floor." She's about to burst into tears and they hug each other like crazy. Suddenly Lewis busts in with a question about the address, and Janie busts in with a message that Leventhal at Treasury wants two minutes, and then Mrs. Chapil busts in to say that Robin's on her way over. Well, that was nice while it lasted. Andy tells Sydney she's got some work to do. They smooch. A shot of Washington at night. A news anchor voice-over says, "We're only a moment or two away from the arrival of President Shepherd and his State of the Union address. George, you've served on the staffs of several past administrations, what kind of last-minute activity is the President engaged in right now?" The scene switches to Sydney and Andy lovingly gazing at each other in a private room. She's in a navy blue suit and pearls, looking very First Lady-ish. He says, "There's been something I've been trying to give you since our first date. I tried a bunch of times, but somehow I've always managed to trip over my job." He reaches under his coat on a chair, pulls out a bouquet of red roses, and presents them to her. She's thrilled: "They're beautiful." She kisses him. Janie comes to fetch him; Sydney asks whether she should stay there. He says, "No, walk with me."

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