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If A Character Is Assassinated In The Woods...

We begin right where we left off last week: with the assembled dignitaries at Camp David applauding Jed's welcoming remarks. Jed goes on to note that any agreement reached at the summit must provide for both a safe and secure Israel, and a sovereign state for the Palestinians.

Cut to the White House briefing room. At first, we see C.J. on monitors as she reviews the morning's schedule of activities at Camp David. As we move to a shot of C.J. in corpus, she introduces General Locke, who is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Did we know that before? In any case, General Locke informs the press about the attack on the Ein Hawa terrorist camp in Syria.

Back to Camp David, where Debbie (remember her?) has just slipped a note to Jed. Toby (who must have some secret background as a diplomat about which we have never learned) stands to tell the assembled group that the parties have agreed to break into subgroups in the afternoon, after Jed, Chairman Farad, and the Israeli PM have met to set the agenda. Jed interrupts Toby to stand and let everyone know that the U.S. has just attacked the camp in Syria. There is virtually no response in the room to this news. Jed tells the Chairman and the PM that he will see them at noon, and we cut to the credits.

Y'all, this episode was so bad, I was sick that I had to watch it. Now, I don't have the option of skipping bad episodes, but you do. So I've decided to give you a few ideas of better ways to kill an hour than watching a bad episode of The West Wing. Suggestion #1: you could watch the video for "Mosh" twelve times.

We open on a shot of the U.S., Israeli, and Palestinian flags flying side by side at Camp David. Toby, Will, and Kate are sitting on a screened-in porch, arguing about the potential topics of discussion for the summit. I'm sad to report that Kate has apparently not had an opportunity to visit the Camp David hair stylist -- the bangs are still very much with us. As the three of them talk, Will immediately rejects every statement that comes out of Kate's mouth, while Toby plays referee. Jed comes in and asks them if they have a draft. Will: "No." Toby: "Yes." Toby takes the draft from Kate and hands it to Jed, while Will says that the Israelis are never going to agree to give up full sovereignty over Jerusalem. Jed looks over the draft and expresses his frustration that they haven't gotten any further than they did last night. Charlie enters to tell Jed that the delegation is on its way, and Jed turns to leave, telling Toby et al that they will punt on Jerusalem for the time being and tackle it later. At the tail end of the scene, we hear Will ask in a quiet voice, "Why isn't Leo up here?"

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